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Sep 24th

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Even most adamant Brady haters from other cities are willing to at least acknowledge Brady is the GOAT no matter who much they resent him for depriving their teams of championships.

You need to get out of Boston. I already posted the poll about 40% of people saying Mahomes is better than Brady.
Maybe you should argue Belichick is "owned" by the Manning boys since it's Belichick's defenses that have failed against them.

You're the one who likes head-to-head QB comparisons.

Mahomes heroics? Brady throws for 466 yards and overcomes a 3-28 deficit to win a Super Bowl and he's a lucky chump. Mahomes throws for 182 and is gifted a win by the refs and he's heroic. You're a joke.

The heroic effort by a quarterback yesterday came from Hurts. Too bad the refs denied him an opportunity to win the game.

Mahomes beat a historic pass rushing team last night. Brady couldn't beat single team in the super bowl with a great pass rush. He would have gotten eaten alive last night by Reddick, Hargrave, etc.

The Superbowl Game Day Discussion thread completely turned into Brady and Patriots bash-a-thon the second the clock struck zero by our village idiot troll. Eli and Peyton Manning, spygate, deflategate, you named it all on the table for that ahole

Relax. The game is over and the thread is dying.

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The meltdown on this forum over Mahomes is hilarious...:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just accept that he is an amazing player and will be the guy the NFL world will talk about for the next 15 years or so. Brady had his time in the sun and now that's over. It is what it is.

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When it mattered the most - Brady dominated.

Just like Peyton, Eli, and Foles did to your boy.

And Brady only dominated one playoff game between the two of them. The other was decided on a pre-snap infraction and/or coin toss.

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Stick to the topic, this is about Mahomes. Brady owns him when it matters most. Fact.

Is that you are going to hold onto for comfort (like a child holding onto its blanky) when Mahomes starts destroying Brady's records in 10-12 years? LMAO

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Won't matter. Brady still owns Mahomes and always will. Beat him twice including a colossal beatdown when it mattered most.

At least Mahomes didn't lose to bums like Eli, Flacco, Tannehill, Sanchez, and Plummer.

And like I said, I can't wait until Brady is calling Mahomes' games in the future. He's going to be salty watching him take down his records.

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Why would Brady want to go there when he can beat down Mahomes in the playoffs and Super Bowls like he always does?

He can't even beat Dak at this stage. And his team carried him over his victory over Mahomes in the SB. I already posted the stats.

2. Mahomes is not greater than Brady. Not even close. We can realistically start the conversation if he gets to 4 rings and even then he'll have a ways to go. And I don't care what some stupid random poll says, I've watched both of them closely throughout the entirety of their careers. Brady is the GOAT. Mahomes is in the top 10 somewhere but like everyone else he's significantly below Brady.

Talent-wise, he is better than Brady. The best I've ever seen. Mahomes is coming for Timmy. And if you take into account spygate, Mahomes is already ahead of him. Sorry I had to say it but spygate is a big deal for me. Brady is 3-3 outside of spygate in super bowls as a Pat.

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He played well.

But Brady still owns him when it mattered most. The end.

And Mahomes will own all his records when all is said and done. The end.

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The thing that will nix this is the fact that Reid is a lot older than Belichick. Mahomes will never get to six because Reid will retire before he has a chance, not to mention the way he plays the game is going to catch up to him before that can happen as well.

you are wrongfully assuming (hoping) Mahomes won’t win with another coach.

It’s such a stupid argument in that spygate was more of a punishment against Bill than Tom. To add to this there was no drop off in performance since Spygate. Not counting 2008 due to the acl injury Brady and the pats managed to make it to at least the afc championship in 9 of 12 seasons. I can see why he didn’t bother mentioning deflategate since Brady went 3-1 in superbowls afterwards with no performance dip.

The whole team benefitted off of Bill’s operation. clearly Bill isn’t stupid enough to do something for 7 years that didn’t help them in any way. otherwise he’d be an idiot, which we know he’s not. he’s the greatest defensive mind in NFL history.

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You're not a Pats fan anymore? Or what's up with your profile pic?

Everyone knows I love Mahomes. I like good football players. Period. And Mahomes is the most talented I’ve ever seen. He’s not like Rodgers who has talent and can’t get it done when it counts.

Spygate was in 2007. You know, when they lost?

More like 2000-2007

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Brady owns Mahomes.

Also... 6 points by Mahomes in 3 quarters against a Hoyer/Stidham tandem and the worst Patriots defense in a decade? :eek:
View attachment 49974

Yeah, Bill's defense was really good that day. Was Stidham/Hoyer playing defense vs Mahomes? Because if they weren't, it's irrelevant.

And at least Mahomes isn't 2-8 in the playoffs vs Eli, Plummer, Flacco, Sanchez, Tannehill, and Dak with all two of those wins coming against Flacco LMAO.
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Except for the most obvious best quarterback of all time (Brady). You have no credibility on the subject of quarterbacks.

He's a great dinker and dunker, and he turned that into an art form. I give him all the credit in the world for that.

Examples of Mahomes not getting it done:

Anytime he faces Brady in the postseason (when it counts most)
AFCCG vs Cincinnati (epic second half meltdown)

Mahomes has a long way to go to live up to the hype now. Expectations are at least an annual conference championship appearance and multiple Super Bowl appearances (with multiple titles). If he wants to be the 'new Brady' then that's what it'll take. From here on out every postseason loss is a failure. No more moral victories, no more highlights reels from epic Super Bowl losses, he has to win or it's a disappointment. Welcome to the top 10 all-time.

If you are Mahomes, you'd rather lose to the 2nd or 3rd best QB of all time than a combination of Eli, Flacco, Tannehill, Sanchez, and Plummer. Mahomes lost in the playoffs to Brady twice and Burrow. Both are going to be in the HOF.

Do you really want me to bring up Brady's playoff failures? If I do then you'll accuse me of trolling.
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You ARE trolling. Not only are you trolling you (and you are not alone here) keep showing a complete lack of understanding about how the game of football fundamentally works.

The question of who is the GOAT at the QB position is not even a this point in history. Tom Brady is as it pertains to EVERY statistical mark, from championships, appearances and individual stats.

Sure, Brady is the most accomplished QB ever. No one is disputing that. Mahomes will ultimately torpedo most if not all of Brady's records. And we'll see how many rings he ultimately gets. And you and the others on this board will do nothing but blame the officials for helping him.

BUT, as I have said ad nauseum, football is less dependant on individual "stars" than any other team sport. It is a TEAM game, and having a great QB is nice, but a lot of "great QB's don't get to hoist Lombardi's very often. It is HARD to even get to the superbowl, let alone win one. Brady was STILL one of the best QB's in the game and the Pats were one of the best teams, when he went TEN years without winning one

Just think about the vagaries of the game. Mahomes might not have even gotten to the game if not for a roughing call at the end of the AFCCG. Brady might have had more rings if not for about a dozen non calls on the helmet catch play. Officials are not the only random factor that decides games, great plays by individuals, good and bad calls, adjustments, time management, etc all factor into the randomness of the game..

Of course. I can list all the lucky instances that helped Brady and Mahomes win their rings. I can list the countless teammates and coaching that were instrumental for both of them. If this is the case, you agree that a GOAT QB in football is nonsense talk, right?

And as an aside on "spy-gate" - It was a travesty of hypocrisy. People forget that it had NOTHING to do with whether it was legal to FILM opponents signals. It was legal. It was all about WHERE it was allowed. Which, when you think about it, is ridiculous. The entire stink about was entirely made up by a group of jealous owners who couldn't explain why the Pats were so consistently good for so long

Pretty clear you don't understand the rules that were in place at the time. The location issue had nothing to do with video taping SIGNALS. It may have had to do with videotaping other elements of the game such as down and distance and formations. I don't want to post the rules again like I did in another thread, since Ian will delete it.

That was Belichick's point. Thanks for making it. Rule changes must be voted on by all teams.

Except the league interpreted that rule as one that was already in place long before the memo came out. If Bill had questions about it he should have checked with the league office. He said screw them and did it any way and got caught for cheating.

Every team was taping. EVRY TEAM.

Prove it. And before you go on and say the league was just jealous of NE's success, i don't see that same jealousy towards Mahomes, Reid, and the Chiefs right now. Even if they win a few more people won't question their titles. There is nothing but respect around the league for Mahomes being the AFCCG EVERY YEAR since his first season as a starter and three super bowl appearances. The only people who are griping are Patriots fans (for obvious reasons) and fans of the AFCW teams.

Belichick ****ed up by continuing to do it from the sideline as prohibited by the league. The location from which the taping was being done was the problem. Ok, bad on Belichick, the team got punished. They won 3 more Super Bowls after Spygate (and the even more ridiculous Deflategate). There is no proof that the Patriots benefitted in any significant way from any tapes. The league did not conclude the Patriots had gained any competitive advantage from the tapes. They punished them for the manner and location of the taping.

The fact Bill was doing it for 7 years straight tells me that it was more than just a little helpful. only an idiot would have his best research assistant in Ernie Adams waste time reviewing opponents' defensive signals for 7 years unless it helped.
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2022 Kansas City Chiefs*

Someone's getting jealous of the Chiefs lol.

In every super bowl you listed you can point to referee assistance (screw ups) that helped the winning team
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This is likely where posts with future Mahomes mentions in threads will likely be moved to. ;)

This has to be true for all posters though, not just me. If someone like @sb1 @crawhammer or others mention Mahomes then those posts should go here as well.


Staff member
This has to be true for all posters though, not just me. If someone like @sb1 @crawhammer or others mention Mahomes then those posts should go here as well.
It'll be on a case-by-case basis. It's not a ban on Mahomes talk or an automatic thread post move, but when it begins to derail the discussion, they'll be moved here and yes, replies to those posts in an active discussion will be moved here as well.

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