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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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ICYMI - The roster turnover since then on the Patriots illustrates why NFL can be short for Not For Long.

Patriots have achieved tough task of earning Bill Belichick's respect, as coach tips his cap to players. #Patriots

@ryjacques U watch stupid. they pay nfl because you watch. so stop watching. do us both a favor.

@rtmcnamara @ryjacques Then why you writing to me? I didn't write u.

@ricked82 Not that I've heard of. I doubt it.

👀👀👀👀 this was my show back in the day lol

@PeterIBreen it's weird because he knows football. Just a strange blind spot

@ricked82 By every statistical measure, any analytic, Ryan and Brady were 1-2 this season.

RT @MiamiHEAT: #HEATwin ! Your @MiamiHEAT defeat the Golden State Warriors 105-102 for their 4th consecutive victory! #HEATwin https://t.c…

RT @PlayersTribune: "Pats fans y’all are spoiled. Yeah, I said it. Spoiled. Winning will do that."

@MarcusPapas he whiffed on at least back-to-back plays, but I haven't gotten there yet

Did you know that Mike was asked to coach? 92. ... 93. ...

Patriots knew exactly how Steelers would react, to the point that Edelman never stopped moving, started walking to new spot.

RT @SportsCenter: Tom Brady is on the cover for ESPN The Magazine's Super Bowl Preview Issue.

That was the Patriots toying with, out-coaching the Steelers. One team was playing chess, other checkers.

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    1. Joker
      You want me off the political threads for a week? I didn't realize it was an "honor" system. Seems I upset the two mods who never post on the Pats fan football threads. Of course I will abide by your wishes. Have a safe and very happy Thanksgiving and thank you again for all your hard work , Ian.
    2. Bill Lee
      Bill Lee
      Thanks for the shirt, it is much appreciated!
      1. Ian
        Thanks for your support, I couldn't do this without people like you, believe me :)
        Nov 22, 2016
    3. PatsWickedPissah
      It took all my restraint to keep from replying to your new site update..
      "Ian, Making Patsfans Great Again!"

      But since things are so nice and calm here now I figured we isn't need a troublesome pot stirrer. :)
      1. PatsWickedPissah
        didn't need
        Nov 12, 2016
      2. Ian
        I just now saw this profile post - sorry about that. And that was pretty funny. Have to fix a few things and hopefully that will be up next week.

        Otherwise hope things are good, and hope your weekend is going well :)
        Nov 19, 2016
    4. IndyPatriotsfan
      Ian, I was wondering and hoping if you could delete my account. I don't plan on posting here or following this site anymore. I'd appreciate it.
    5. ChessToCheckers
      Hi. I notice that occasionally some threads get "taken over" by two arguers. Usually these participants are not the OP and the argument is not on topic. Is there a way to remove these guys from my view of the thread but not from other threads that they may be contributing to?
      1. Ian
        There's not yet, unfortunately but that's certainly a good suggestion and I'll look into it to see if I can come up with a solution. But otherwise I appreciate your kind words, and thank you for taking a moment to reach out :)
        Aug 22, 2016
    6. ChessToCheckers
      Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this site. I use it daily. It's the best way for me to gather all news Patriots and participating in interesting conversations (mostly reading not posting). The feature set and overall operation of this site is the BEST of its kind. Thank you and your colleagues for your efforts!
    7. Rusty Griswold
      Rusty Griswold
      Hi Ian, I am not sure if you care, but in your most recent submission, you spelled Ted Olson's name two different ways. Certainly no big deal at all, I just didn't know if you cared one way or the other.
      1. Ian likes this.
      2. Ian
        Actually, I appreciate you pointing that out. Obviously an error on my part, so thank you for reaching out to bring it o my attention :)
        May 18, 2016
    8. NormZauchin
      For the past several days, after I log onto the the PatsFans website, I receive malware on my PC which inhibits my use of the Google search engine. I can clean up the malware with several software packages that I have installed, but it is an annoyance. Yesterday, I did not log onto PatsFans and had no problem. When I use Chrome, the problem with my search engine does not appear.


      1. Ian
        Hey Norm, that's bizarre. Do you have any info as far as what warnings you're getting, etc.? I haven't received any other messages yet but obviously I want to make sure there aren't any issues.
        Nov 2, 2015
      2. NormZauchin
        When I last ran one of my malware programs to clean my PC, several of the malware items were named,, and They seem to create cookies and track the sites I visit.
        Nov 2, 2015
    9. staypuff
      I am trying to attach a video that I taped from nfl mobile that is a commercial they are showing all day long blatantly trolling Brady about deflategate. I do not know how to attach the video - I can also email it to you. Please help
    10. Joker
      hey boss....thought you'd like to know. I had to download YesScript to disable a script running on the site. I think it's associated with the drop down box when you cursor over "alerts" up top. This problem has persisted all last month until I finally had to do something about it. Perhaps you'd like to look into it. If not, no worries.The board is trouble free for me now. I'm on a home PC BTW, with jacked up memory.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Joker
        I am using Firefox...I use nothing else. I have Chrome enabled and IE also but since I enabled YesScript in Firefox, I have had ZERO glitches. Everything is up to the day up to date Ian.
        Oct 4, 2015
      3. Joker
        I'm an ex-MSCE so I'm not really a newb to this stuff. I noticed this glitch back at the end of August/early September when you made a few additions. Like I said, I believe it's the drop down box up top named "alerts". It doesn't drop down now but I'm not freezing screens either.
        Oct 4, 2015
      4. Ian
        I know you're not a noob ;) But the Alert thing isn't mine, that's a Xenforo thing so I'll have to test it on FireFox and see if I can duplicate the problem and see if there's a fix for it. Appreciate you pointing it out and hope things are well :)
        Oct 5, 2015
    11. Mike the Brit
      Mike the Brit
      Hello, Ian. I don't know if it's just me, but the site is working very badly at present on my computer (Chrome, MacBook). I think it's because of the tweets at the top. It's very slow, I can't scroll and there appear to be sounds trying to load that don't. Sorry if this is something I'm doing wrong.
    12. Mack Herron
      Mack Herron
      I get no box in which to reply to posts or start a thread. I am using a laptop with Windows 7.
    13. Patsfanin Philly
      Patsfanin Philly
      Patsfanin Philly

      Ian, Hope you can help. I can't post or respond to any postings. I can log in and read but when I go to post, there is no space available to post my comments.This is on a tower computer, no tth elaptop that was problematic last week.... Thanks in advance.....
    14. Patsfanin Philly
      Patsfanin Philly
      Ian, Hope you can help. I can't post or respond to any postings. I can log in and read but when I go to post, there is no space available to post my comments. I don't think I'm blocked . Thanks in advance.....
    15. raduray
      Ian, I tweeted earlier today that the site was down. After I got your response, I rebooted my computer and all is well. Strange thing is that I was unable to get on using my iPhone over the WiFi in my house, but was able to do so after rebooting my computer. That is strange!
      1. Ian likes this.
    16. MagicMarker
      Hey, Ian,
      There was a category in the forum about someone losing all of their Super Bowl recordings when their DVR crashed. That got me thinking...I have the first three "Three Games To Glory" DVD. I'd be happy to give them up if someone would give you $50 or $100 to support your site. It's up to you if you'd like to take me up on the offer.

      1. Ian
        That's very thoughtful of you - but I'm not going to ask you to give those up for that - those are far too valuable :)
        Jul 5, 2015
    17. 5thRing-Hunt
      Hi Ian. Is it possible to change my screen name to 5thRing-Hunt? Thanks for your help.
      1. Ian
        It has been done!
        May 14, 2015
      2. 5thRing-Hunt
        Thanks Ian!! I appreciate it!!
        May 14, 2015
    18. tom444

      How do you post an article from a newspaper? Just quote a paragraph, and leave an URL? Or just an URL?

      Thank you. Tom444(Dave)
    19. FreeTedWilliams
    20. ropese
      Hi Ian,

      I am a pats season ticket holder. Unfortunately, because of unforeseen expenses, I need to "sit out" next season (2015). I had someone who wanted to split the games but they backed out last minute. Can I post something? What is the best forum to use?

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