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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  • JO....Rayray is back on the NFL AFC East ... Jets thread...asking if you were still around.....FYI :)
    Hi Joe, I was both shocked and very humbled to see my post in your signature. I want to thank you for doing it! I really enjoy your passion, humor, and knowledge on the forum. Best wishes and Go Pats!

    Michael “AQPE”
    when someone nails it and doesn't even get the consideration of a damned "like",while the tiresome "I'm right!" "No,I'm righter!" filibusters go on unabated, I feel it is NECESSARY to bring forth and club them over the head with TRUTH. It is I that owe you the thanks that everyone should be giving you...IMO.
    Have a great year, bud and Go Patriots!
    Personally, I wouldn't advise it. As a person, I like the thread idea. As a Mod, I would have to close it immediately.
    Yes, it's a dumb thread. I checked the complaints and there are none sent on this thread.There are a couple of other mods that got involved in the thread before I did. I usually don't take any action if other mods have been involved with a thread. Maybe it will just go away or it will get to the point that more people will get offended and then it can be closed or moved. My instinct is to move it to the Practice Squad and I may do that later tonight.

    My name is Gerôme and I'm from Germany. I signed up for an account since I'm searching for the Greatest Games DVD-Collection of the New England Patriots and hoped to find someone who would sell it to me. Can you help me to find it? That would be awesome! It seems to me that the collection is not available to purchase on the internet since it is out of print! Please help me! :)

    Thank you, best regards and Merry Christmas,

    Time for a belated compliment - you are what I once dreamt of being on this forum, and I'm grateful for every wisecrack*...

    [sets up an altar and burns incense to Joker] :D

    *except for inside jokes, which only leave me staring blankly; such is life :p
    I had an 08 ZX6r yellow one until some a**holes stole it. I got money from the insurance and luckily for me, one of my best friends had just bought the same exact year and model and color. So I bought it from him.
    As for the Jets. I hate them so much. They are the reason why I got unjustifiably booted from Pats pulpit as a mod.
    Keep up the anti Jets comments!
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