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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  • Did not know that you were in Montgomery County. We lived in Montgomery Village from 1974-1979 before moving to Fairfax County. Nice place.
    Oh yeah? We're not far from there - - up here just north of Olney. I miss Boston, but the living sure is easier south of the Mason-Dixon. :)
    I'm a season ticket holder and due to some upcoming and unforseen expenses I would like to sell my tickets for next season. Can i post? Please advise. Thank you!
    Hey Shmessy, is there any way to access any older threads? I wanted to read the Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner signing threads but can't find them.
    I've no clue why I never thought to ask before, but it's only fair since I've had so much fun with it - what's the origin of your username?
    :D My son's name is Jesse. He's now 14, but when he was a toddler, we always called him "Jesse Shmesse". Kinda silly, but it was his nickname. When I stopped lurking and joined the board in the autumn of 2000, I just felt like doing it in his honor. :D
    Wax Frog
    Wax Frog
    Guess that makes you Papa Shmessy!
    Shmessy, any ideas as to why every time I try to click on a thread to read it, I'm told that it's a "Bad Request" and I can't access any of the actual threads? It's playoff time, I'm trying to read about my team! Any advice as to why this is happening would be appreciated, I can't access anything other than user profiles and the linked articles. Any threads are telling me bad request. Thanks a lot! ---Herc Rock
    I'm waiting shmessy. Please email me the directions/instructions regarding how to delete a user account because I am done and based on the visitor messages that have been left here, I see that you have been informed about Demosthenes by Joker.
    I just went fishing for a while, came back and already knew your response before I opened this up...yes, of course. I may sneak a reference in a particular post but a thread with religious implications is never a good idea. I'm willing to bet some media hack DOES come up with that headline, practically writes itself.
    Shmess,your advice...I want to put a thread titled "Feeding The Christian To the Lions"...bad idea?...insensitive? Short week, Brady may have very limited snaps, I'm thinking Tebow gets another long look in a hostile environment...give me your feedback, my judgement is admittedly clouded when it comes ot the sensitivity issue with this guy....
    if that was you that removed me from that "discussion", thanks Shmess. I cannot stomach that troll Demosthenes and I don't want to print something that can be construed as a threat for any reason.I will use the ignore function like I should have at the start, but, I've watched this troll at work at JI the past year and he just never stops. I don't want this "whatever" following me around like a rabid squirrel so I'll just ignore the wall of Tebow noise.
    I was wondering if you could give me some input, as you seen to be a numbers guy. I'm working on a problem with means and medians as they relate to distributions scores. They all look consistent, where the median number is about 1/2 of the mean. The exception is one score, where the median is close to the mean. Does this mean anything? Is there a rule of thumb. Is there enough information for you? Should I just go away? Hey any input would be greatly appreciated. I like reading your posts on the economy.
    `If there ever going to be a point where EVERY thread isn't hijacked by the "we suck" types? Do you want the names, need them?

    I posted my opinions on the "Tale of the Tape" thread.

    If the goal is to have great football discussion, I'd advise changes. If the goal is to generate hits through attracting the flippant types, great job.
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