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Oct 25th

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Hammer of Thor

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PatsFans.com Supporter
Not very surprising, but I thought he would stick because:

1.) We were paying him 6.5M.
2.) We had plenty of cap space.
3.) I never thought he added anything to the offense that we didn't already have, but he was one of our top 5 WR's for sure.


Guess this means Jeff Thomas or Jakobi Meyers made it.....
While the Pats have plenty of cap space, no need to waste it on players that aren’t performing up to their salaries. And if they are beginning a retooling/rebuild, they might be treating 2020 like 2000, and having the extra cap space handy to use in 2021 (when the COVID cap issues will begin) can be a competitive advantage. The declining cap helped them stay competitive during the 2010/2011 youth movement by being able to sign vets on the cheap (thinking of Andre Carter, Mark Anderson, Alge Crumpler, Brian Waters).


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Barring a trade, Jakobi Meyers is probably going to make the team. It's down to him and Devin Ross, but Ross is a small deep threat receiver, which we already have in Damiere Byrd. Whereas Harry is the only big-body receiver on the team. Meyers is insurance if Harry gets hurt again.


In the Starting Line-Up
Keep Josh McDaniels out of ALL trades and draft pick opinions for any offensive skill position players. N'Keal and Michel are next on the chopping block. Just like Maroney and Chad Jackson.



Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Edelman has never started more than 13 games in a season and is 34.

Everything behind him on the depth chart is a mystery.