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Nov 1st

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I choose to blame Brady for this I have to.
Also supposedly the Bucs are the favorite for for Fournette.
Which I have to blame Tom for that too.
Maybe we finally get Chris Conley lol I’m serious though.


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Can this Team even win 6 games this year?? We ain't holding many Teams to 10 points. We are not talking about the 85 Bears D here. :rolleyes:


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Hey BB the HOFer who made your O look better than it actually is. (((Drum roll ))) is playing else where did BB get the memo??


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It’s official, the worst Patriots trade ever!!!

no- Cortez Kennedy. they were set to draft him and traded down for Agnew because kiam didnt want to pay the bonus. Trading Haynes. trading Leon Grey, this doesn't even scratch the surface. how about Nick Buoniconti?
This doesn't even rank in the top ten. What about Phil Olsen? Kids!

Ochmed Jones

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Sanu- wish you well where ever you go. So glad he is gone!

I am hopeful bb trades for a receiver and a veteran tight end,


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PatsFans.com Supporter
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Reserve judgement until I see how this all plays out, reports from TC were not good, so this was not unexpected....

His high ankle sprain which required surgery may have done him in.. would it have been better for BB to save face and carry an ineffective WR on the roster?? BB will do what is best for the team, and doesn't give a rats butt about what the media or fans think or say.

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Congrats to everyone calling it.

Doubt we will get the full story but I will assume that they asked him for a pay cut and he refused.

Sucks he got injured when he did. In the end a pretty regrettable trade.

On the plus side, suddenly there is one more open spot to speculate about. Good news for Meyers I suppose.

We overthink TC tweets every year :) Its all fun though ;)

Realistically a veteran player going in TC on a substantial non guaranteed contract is always on the bubble,
so this could hardly be considered a surprise.

Its not only about money though - its about what the team as a whole needs.
New power offence will feature less WR. 2 on avg. They probably decided they want to give that second spot to Harry
and that was to be expected barring injury. Gunner was always making the team imo as you know.

No need to keep a starting vet as a replacement option. And BB doesn't care to keep insurance. Same move as D.Thomas last year and many others before that. Its gonna be the next man up wherever he can find it if situation comes up. And if that means throwing another 2nd so be it.. All in all consistent with BB philosophy that produced the 20y dynasty.. and its not going away ;)