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There’s our yearly surprise cut. Too bad.
Best wishes to him.

this offense is going to be very different and I’m looking forward to seeing it.


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Sanu is going to be good for someone else this year. He's a good player that has had success everywhere he's gone. Except in NE, when he got hurt. I'm fine with releasing him, but nobody should be crapping on the guy. He tried to play through a lot of pain last year to help the team. It didn't work out. Sometimes moves don't. He's a good receiver who will help someone this year.

luuked Supporter Supporter
Congrats to everyone calling it.

Doubt we will get the full story but I will assume that they asked him for a pay cut and he refused.

Sucks he got injured when he did. In the end a pretty regrettable trade.

On the plus side, suddenly there is one more open spot to speculate about. Good news for Meyers I suppose.

Hammer of Thor Supporter Supporter
Didn’t someone report just this weekend that Sanu was the guy Cam seemed most comfortable on the field with? I’ll have to find it..... either that person was way off, or, welcome to New England Cam Newton.....

Hyped Supporter Supporter
Not very surprising, but I thought he would stick because:

1.) We were paying him 6.5M.
2.) We had plenty of cap space.
3.) I never thought he added anything to the offense that we didn't already have, but he was one of our top 5 WR's for sure.


Guess this means Jeff Thomas or Jakobi Meyers made it.....
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