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  • Hello!

    My name is Gerôme and I'm from Germany. I signed up for an account since I'm searching for the Greatest Games DVD-Collection of the New England Patriots and hoped to find someone who would sell it to me. Can you help me to find it? That would be awesome! It seems to me that the collection is not available to purchase on the internet since it is out of print! Please help me! :)

    Thank you, best regards and Merry Christmas,


    I e-mailed you last night to get an explanation of what, specifically, you were referring to as an "unprovoked attack" on fogbuster. The closest I could tell was that I described what will become the new talking points for the right wing, and advised a right-wing poster to "run along and study" the new playbook.

    Please correct me if this is an incorrect reading of the reason for the infraction.

    In the meantime, said member has posted the following. Normally I would simply accept the attack as part of the "thick skin" we expect of one another, but my impression is that standard has changed.

    This member's personal attacks on me are of an ad hominem character; that is to say, they attack me as a person, and not an aspect of my argument. In that this seems not to be an element of a Mod's judgment of "unprovoked attack", as you phrased my infraction, I suspect it should not matter. However, you should know this is both an unprovoked attack and an ad hominem attack, in case that is of any concern:
    How can you even begin to know what "better" means until you have experienced what others in the world are experiencing?? You rely on the "educated class" from Harvard and MIT, but they sit in their plush salons all day looking at what they want to look at, talking with others who believe what they believe, who live as they live: the easy life, which they then feel so guilty about.

    Have you ever lived outside the U.S.?? If not, then how can you say "you want to make America better"?? You have zero basis of comparison. Lazy. The limousine liberal way. John Stewart, Michael Moore, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy way.

    Come back here after a year or two in Russia, China, or the Czech Republic -- ANYWHERE outside the U.S. -- and then tell us how "America needs to change". Until then you are blowing smoke. Your opinions on "America" are utterly useless. You are simply a malcontent, a rebel with no cause but yourself.

    Post #24

    Thanks for your attention to this matter, and what I expect will be an evenhanded application of forum rules.
    Despite my requests, you have not fixed my name being associated with the "Obama is a Racist Thread"... could you please do so, and if you are unable then please find someone who can... you don't fix things that are requested all you do is exhibit right wing bias, and if you don't see it you should not be a moderator...
    My name is still associated iwth the "Obama is a Racist Thread", have asked you to change it, you have not.. if you do not know how, please find someone who can...
    I said what a joke you were and I get an infraction, you need to open you eyes mon ami.. still never got an answer to my message...
    Why don't you answer my post in the Pol forum, merging it into another thread is not an answer.. be a big boy answer what I ask you.. I will keep posting it day after day and keep bumping it, I do not go away.. if you did not notice there still about 6 threads about Obama's minister.. then again you seem blind to a lot of issues, swearing at respondents.. name calling.. but then again they are all you buds.. so they can do no wrong.
    FTW I'm writing both you and Patters concerning a poster openly advocating the assasination of a repeorter/journalist what ever you want to call him. On the thread Kieth Olberman special comment Patsfan in philly openly states he thinks Olberman should be assasinated.I have neveer seen behavior like this from eithr side before and believe theres no place for it here,so I'm witing this as a complaint
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