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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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Patriots-Steelers Film Review: Goal-Line Stands Set Tone In AFC Championship

@powerlessbald Yes, 15 years ago. Stopped Buffalo 26 years ago. He's been in this spot before. Hasn't had a chance like this in a while.

Your skin is thin today and you might feel things that you wou... More for Sagittarius

RT @PhilAPerry: Belichick: "We’ve seen multiple times (when) games, or in some cases seasons, come down to a yard."

RT @allymanning: "SULLY! Get a look at the friggin HERALD. I'm famous! ... Ma, go down to Tedeschi's and buy all the papahs!"…

Interesting insight. Says it’s “delusional” to expect a first-round pick in a trade for Garoppolo

We now enter annual bizarro #SuperBowl extended prelude, where extra time is dedicated to drilling down on the details unrelated to the game

@stephenreilly2 hahaha. Improving the speed of your commute

Rams HC Sean McVay, the youngest HC hired in the Super Bowl era, turns 31 years old today.

@fmaguire @ImSeanO very good offense. Vulnerable defense. One of best offenses they've faced at this stage, one of best opportunity defenses

OBJ & the ⛴. Facebook video & AB. Brady & Trump. They're lil' blips on the screen unless obnoxiously pushed by folks desperately avoiding 🏈

He wants to play against the best. Appalling. Scandalous. Maybe even appallingly scandalous.

@ardaakyuzz I'd go back to how they handled AJ Green/B Marshall/D Thomas/D Hopkins. Who-takes-who isn't based on that alone. Any of 3 could

Your friends and associates might not be there to support you ... More for Aquarius

Right now in ATL, local media members tie themselves in knots inventing new angles on why Falcons prolly actually suck. Must be true, right?

Stuff like this and the what is your number series is why I highly recommend listening to @tomecurran @PhilAPerry

RT @CSNNE: What predictions did @tomecurran get right? Find out in the #Patriots -#Patriots AFC Championship preview review…

Fellow Minute 42 club members, how about this for a drinking game. Do a shot each time @tomecurran uses the word interesting. Don't drive.

RT @TonyKhan: The @AtlantaFalcons & @Patriots: greatest pair of passing offenses to ever compete in a Super Bowl? Yes; here's why: https://…

ICYMI - The roster turnover since then on the Patriots illustrates why NFL can be short for Not For Long.

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PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter

Chiuba, I don't want to put my email out here, but give me yours and I will email you. Jul 21, 2015

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    1. PatsFanInVa
      Chiuba, I don't want to put my email out here, but give me yours and I will email you.
    2. Soul_Survivor88
      Sorry PatsFaninVa. My conversation page is acting up. If you don't mind sharing your email, I'd be happy to send you a Word document version of my press release draft, so you are able to track changes and make suggested revisions.
    3. PatsFanInVa
      PS - I also know of Lilith as supposedly a very angry little demoness who is pissed off that she never had children. Think about it, the potential mother of all humanity, who screwed up and is childless (I think I remember some legend of her wanting to be on top, and that was that! You'd have to look it up.) The Jewish folklore I'm aware of has her not as the serpent, but as a demoness who does things like fly in open windows and cause crib death. Probably comes from parents who left windows open when it was 40 farenheit outside, and are shocked when the kid gets pneumonia. Who knows.
    4. PatsFanInVa
      I know the story of Lilith, which is not biblical in origin, but was concocted to square the two separate creation stories. In the first, "Male and female He created them." In the second, God sees that Adam needs a helpmate, and makes Eve out of his rib. So there's no biblical character "Lilith" in either creation story. The name may be mentioned in some list of demons or somesuch, but again, I don't think most of these names are biblical.

      So what you have in the Lilith painting and the accompanying post is really commentary on folklore -- Lilith's not really canonical, at least in Judaism, and probably not in most kinds of Christianity (so it's probably best to omit, from a scholarly point of view.)
      Haven't looked at the religion posts today, but will take a look.

    5. Greatest I am
      Greatest I am
      The Mysterious Bible: Adam's First Wife Lillith Painted by Michæl Angelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

      I wanted to add this to that O P.

      Note how the Satan/snake s depicted with a woman's body giving a slight credence to the O P.

    6. Greatest I am
      Greatest I am
      Your linguistic skill shame this Frenchman my friend. I lack actual formal English education. But I have no excuse. Some of it is likely just laziness on my part.

      I have been toying with the Christian blend of Jewish lore of Eden.

      I have an O P in the works. I admit to not liking.

      Here is the proposed title.

      Is Satan both the Holy Spirit and God’s wife or Asherah?

      I will try to show that Satan was the holy spirit and that the trinity was father, son and mother. You likely know that fire and Satan in esoteric terms are good and I wonder if you can bring that out in the loving type terms that I want to foster to show why God favors Satan?

      Let me ask in advance if you would like to opine, adjust, slash, or burn my short O P.
      If I can impose.

      I do not want to blow this one as in a sense, it might be close to what the writers of that myth intended. Jews may have seen the serpent as God's feminine side.

      Please let me know.

    7. DarrylS
      FYI looks as though you are having FTW issues also.. pretty amazing, I am on the beach until Sunday @ 2 for the below..

      Dear DarrylS,

      You have received an infraction at New England Patriots Forums - Patriots Fan Messageboard.

      Reason: Insulted Other Member(s)
      insulted other members

      This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

      Original Post:

      Once again our infrequent moderator crawls out of the sewer with some idle pap that has been posted over and over.. next we will be discussing fraudulent selective service application, oops I forgot that was yesterday..

      He proved it, for all to see, but some are blindly hoping that it is not true..
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    "The fact remains that the Nazis did not single out the Jews for "oppression"."

    - RI Patriots Fan, July 11 2015