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  • Asherah thus rules heaven and earth and women on earth should rule over men.

    There is a hymn that says of Adam’s sin that it was a happy fault and a necessary sin.
    God made sure it happened by putting his best in charge of the earth and Eden. His wife or Asherah, Satan.

    God’s greatest love is Satan just as a man’s greatest love is his wife hence the great rewards heaped onto Satan by God.

    There can be no other logical explanation for God putting Satan in Eden and why God rewarded Satan so nicely.
    God does not reward evil, he rewards good, --- and so Satan must be good.

    Do you agree or do you think God rewards evil?

    God in Job is seen as under Satan’s control as it has God stating that Satan moved him to do evil. Logic then says that Satan is in control of God.

    To this point, as shown, we have God deferring to Satan.

    As above so below.

    Who have men of power ever deferred to?

    Only their wives or other men of power. Kings have always fought for Queens, family and country.

    From our human POV, we see God deferring to Satan both in punishment of cursing and also in Eden. If both men and God defer to women as the usual form, then Satan logically is God’s wife or Asherah.
    In pondering what Eden was like and why God would have done the foolish thing of casting Satan to Eden, one can only say that that must have somehow been God’s best move. God would not put an enemy in his garden so Satan must have been good and not evil. This is irrefutable. The only worthy helper then for God would have been the Holy Ghost and it must then be Satan.

    In esoteric terms this also makes sense as we have to go through fire/Satan to reach God. Note the burning bush.

    210b Rod Spine = Serpent Kundalini - YouTube

    Eve had to go through Satan/fire to reach wisdom and a moral sense that as God said was as sophisticated as Gods own moral sense. That is why Adam followed so sheepishly. As Man’s guide, Satan was given the power to deceive the whole world and God gave Satan dominion over the whole earth. A huge reward from God to Satan.
    I do not like it but here it is. I will have to do three because of the program here.


    Is Satan both the Holy Spirit and God’s wife or Asherah?

    In the beginning, if we follow the more common Christian dogma, we find the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit alone in the whole universe.

    For some reason, the Holy Spirit holds the highest rank and we know this because we can curse both the Father and Jesus and be forgiven but we will not be forgiven for cursing the Holy Spirit. Jesus, as man’s forgiving force thus put’s the Holy Spirit above himself and God the Father.

    As above so bellow.
    First of all, your facility with English far exceeds anything I've acquired in any foreign language. Your English is very good. And by the way, I have to admit to admiring the Laic traditions of the French.

    I'm afraid I may not be much help, although I'd be glad to look at the post. But if

    But bear in mind, Satan's a much weaker character in ancient Jewish terms than in Christian terms, and that Asherah/Astarte very likely predates any notion of shaitan, who's more the "devil's advocate" in Judaism than the horned devil of Christianity -- so there might be a mis-match here between these concepts. It's a very common Christian practice to adjust preexisting works to fit into the Christian paradigm... but I am glad to look.


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