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DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL 2021 NFL Draft - Day 2 Discussion Thread

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Sep 12th

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PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
So Christian Bartmore was supposed to be special or something? I saw before they got to draftin' again where they thought he'd go fast because there's a paucity of interior Dline

Nm, I got it, it's the pay back Nick Satan for something draft


BB's tailor Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
You have to hand it to BB he traded up and grabs the best DT and starts a run in DT.

if Owuso continues to drop not might be time to trade up again


In the Starting Line-Up
Another high draft pick for the Jets at WR. Moore is a great pick , plus they added Corey Davis and Cole in FA.
Crowder will likely be cut, to save 10 mil on cap. Doubt that they will get a team to take on his salary. Would be a great add for the Pats in the slot.

Sciz Supporter Supporter
Wouldn't surprise me if the remaining 3rd and 4th are traded together to get up to the mid 3rd. Fewer roster spots to fill than normal and a shallower draft pool. Grab one more guy who is going to make the roster and then wait a hundred picks or so before grabbing some longer shots.