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DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION OFFICIAL 2021 NFL Draft - Day 2 Discussion Thread

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Sep 12th

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In the Starting Line-Up

"The LSU product's injury history extends back to high school and cropped up during his time in Baton Rouge as well. Per Shaffer, Marshall had a lower leg injury in high school. In Marshall's sophomore season, he missed three games with a stress fracture in his foot."

Well it didn’t affect him that much his junior season. I hope he falls to us.


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Keeping a eye on Gilmore, Jackson and Harry
Gilmore maybe... Jackson is staying... Harry IMO deserves another try in camp. I think Mac Jones can get him the type of contested catch ball he should do well with... Cam doesn't have nearly enough accuracy.

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First time I hear that. I saw nothing wrong with his year. It can’t be injury. Has to be something else.
Nasty broken fibula and dislocated ankle in 2017, and broken foot in 2019. Former has longer term ligament concerns, and if the latter was a Jones fracture then that's a longer term aggravation issue.