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Dec 12th
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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  • Hey Mark. Me and 3 friends from Toronto are coming to the Miami game this Sunday. We would like the full tailgate experience if that's possible. Please let me know if we are able to join you guys, sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks.
    Hello Mark!
    My name is Greg. My wife and I are planning on coming down from Maine to see the Dolphins game at Gillette at the end of this month. We've never been to a game before, so we're both a little nervous, but really excited. We're considering taking a bus down; not sure. As far as tailgating goes, I read that you host a group that's open to newcomers. I was looking to get a little more information about the whole thing. Can I join you guys? Do I bring something? Food? Cash? Etc. Thank you so much Mark. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Hi Mark,
    4 of us are coming in from Calgary and Toronto to the game this weekend. How do we join your group? 2 of us are driving in to see a high school game then Harvard and Cornell then Manning Brady round ?.
    Ok thanks for the help. So when you guys tailgate you all have tickets and head into the game?
    First, check out Razor's Edge Tailgate on Yahoo Groups. Join the group if you like.

    Since this is Monday Night football, the game is of course at 8:20 and This change in time complicates lot access. Officially the lots open at 4:00 which we know usually means we are departing at 3:30. Invariably they open even earlier for evening games and I could see us leaving at 3:15 or even a bit earlier if the reports indicate the lot is already open. So our official rendezvous time is 3:00 and I realize that as a work night this may mean it is not possible or easy for some folks. As such I even more greatly appreciate the RSVP if you want us to give you a call or try and find you should we plan to leave and you are not yet there. This is such a big game I really expect that the traffic now impacted by a work week and game will be challenging and lots will fill fast. Also our Wicked lot is soon to become an Irish Pub and while construction/renovations are in process we may find soon that it impacts our rendezvous plans so be prepared with phone numbers and patience just in case!

    As you all know by now, we rendezvous at the former Wicked restaurant parking lot on Route 1 in Sharon, located just after 95 intersects route 1. The address is officially:

    973 Providence Hwy
    Sharon, MA 02067

    This lot has plenty of space and usually results in no pressure for us. There is a light to let us all emerge together and thus, usually, arrive together at our Lot 51 Destination.

    I will have my cell on me as usual and the number is:
    978 866 3580

    For those intent upon Meeting at the Tailgate please realize that as we pre-rendezvous, it can mean you risk not being able to park with us. We do try and work it out but we absolutely do not want to create a negative impact with the lot staff and any saving of places can be detrimental to that goal. We work with them in as accomodating a fashion as possible and that includes the fellow tailgaters as much as possible.

    Continue on Rt 1 S as you approach the stadium. Take entrance P10 (see Parking map) and park in Lot 51 as directed by the attendants. After parking, proceed up the aisle toward the stadium until you reach a row of cars parked against the fence, parallel with Rt 1. Walk along that row and look for the Tailgate. We will have several canopies together, and a flagpole with both an American and Patriot flags. The Bruschi Banner is almost always on the fence to call folks to our location though remember I take it down and depart one hour prior to the game.

    Mark Morse

    Note: I would need your first and last name as well as e-mail address if you want to join the Razors Edge Tailgate fangroup, recognized by the Patriots as an official Patriots Fangroup.
    Hey that sounds great. My friend and I will arrive early afternoon (~3 or so I hope), and would love to hang out. Let me know directions. I'll be starting a thread about tailgating soon, asking questions, maybe you can contribute :)
    Hi. I'm going to Boston from the NY area (where I live) and then heading from Boston to the game on Monday. (Don't worry, not a Jets fan!)

    Thanks for the invite. I very well may take you up on it. Nice ring.
    Hey Mark

    Most appreciated for the offer. Im due to be at the Home opener against Bills. 50/50 right now. But if I make it will definitely let you know.

    You ever hit ireland definitely let me know and I will show you around.


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