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Sep 19th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: 15 Observations from Game 1 Loss to Dolphins

    I might say we can throw Brandon King under the bus too!
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Part 3 of the Patriots Position by Position Analysis – Running Back

    When a poster makes solid points as you do, I go back and check. Some of your points are correct which surprised the heck out of me. Michel's 3.7 YPC in 2019 can be attributed to the poor O Line play. However, Harris received 72 fewer carries in his 1st year as a full-time running back than...
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Part 3 of the Patriots Position by Position Analysis – Running Back

    The two TE's with the big contracts are going to siphon off receptions from White and the receivers. I like White and his pass blocking is superb for a 3rd down back.
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Part 2 of the Patriots Position by Position Analysis – Offensive Line

    I went back to check the heights and I did overestimate Sherman significantly. NFL Draft Scout has him at 6' 3.2". Herron was also wrong and NFL Draft Scout has him at 6' 3.5".
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Part 3 of the Patriots Position by Position Analysis – Running Back

    Overall you have good responses. On Brandon Bolden, you know how BB loves those special teams players and Michel doesn't play any special teams. As far as White's role or any RBs receiving role will be reduced because of the 2 TE alignment.
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    Roster Decisions

    Gunner is a Pro Bowl return man! What value does Harry give the Patriots on ST? I am hoping that Gunner can develop into a reliable slot receiver. I don't have room on this team for an underperforming player like Harry.
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    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    We finally signed a UDFA! Michigan K Quinn Norbin. This news was released by Kornblue Kicking, the Kicking coach Norbin has been using. The article I read stated that Norbin was "somewhat erratic at times in his Michigan career". He was 42 for 58 on FGs and 119 of 124 for extra points. His...
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Patriots Draft Analysis and Notes

    I'll add one more point to the Undrafted Free Agent issue. Last year the NFL gave the teams a choice, sign 90 players and have split-squad practices, or sign 80 and have a complete team practice. That meant the Patriots released a bunch of guys they just paid a bonus to sign as UDFAs and...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Draft Contest starting 1 April

    Thank you all for participating. QW has 9 entries with one correct pick. The tiebreaker for the year subscription goes to Steve: Section 102. His was the earliest entry. Steve send me by private message your name and e-mail address so that I can pass it along to Matt Miller.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Draft Contest starting 1 April

    Anytime you want to step back into running this contest you are welcome too! I was lucky enough to pick up a sponsor for a prize.
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Patriots 7-round Mock Draft 4.0

    Thank you for clarifying this. The software we use took the numbers and converted them to sequential. The important part is that I used Bacon Grundle Candy's Patriots Draft Board for my selections as they became available in the First-Pick draft simulator.
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    NEW ARTICLE: The Draft Scout Sponsors Patsfans Draft Contest

    I think you are just going to have to live with it! Curious who was it?
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    NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Patriots Mock Draft 4.0

    Aren't all QB's projects? Only two QB's drafted in the top 5 of the draft have ever won a Super Bowl. Granted they are drafted by the worst teams, and are usually fed to the lions right away, ruining their confidence and development.