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2017 NFL Draft Profile: Deatrich Wise

PFF scouting report: Deatrich Wise, Edge, Arkansas | PFF

Injuries have been an issue..

Deatrich Wise Jr NFL Draft 2017: Scouting Report for New England Patriots' Pick

A one-year starter at Arkansas, Deatrich Wise looks the part on the hoof with great size, length and muscle tone. A team captain for the Razorbacks, Wise flashed production when on the field. In 2015, while playing as a situational rusher, he posted eight sacks and 10.5 TFLs. Wise knows how to use his amazing length to his advantage—both locking out blockers and getting his hands up to shut down passing lanes. He also has a huge tackle radius and is strong enough to keep an outside arm free and lasso a ball-carrier on the edge. Wise is a big, long strider and moves better in a short area than he does opening things up on a track.


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Lay off the weed!

He kinda reminds me of Geneo Grissom. Run straight, get stood up. But hey, hope I'm wrong. It won't be the first time. :)

Grissom would have been an OK pick in the late fourth. He has been a ST contributor.

Now, Belichick has replaced Grissom with Wise, and taking another shot. I'm fine with this. Most teams were choosing STer's in the 4th.
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New requirement to play on the Pats' DL: your surname must be a noun or adjective.


Gold star to the first poster who uses them all in a sentence.
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