My bold prediction: Steelers over Colts on Thurday

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Sep 20th

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is in the league’s concussion protocol, meaning he’s a long shot to play on Thanksgiving against the Steelers.

Although Luck finished yesterday’s win over the Titans and did not appear to have any injury issues afterward, Colts coach Chuck Pagano announced today that Luck said after the game that he wasn’t feeling well, and he is in the concussion protocol now.
Andrew Luck in concussion protocol


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Historically, one of these teams is a money team - the other is a choke team. Yes, I'm painting with a very broad brush and glossing over how they performed the past two weeks, but now you know how I feel about the Colts and Steelers.

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For those of you so inclined, I hope you've already placed your bets:

The Colts have listed Andrew Luck as out for Thursday night’s game vs. the Steelers due to a concussion.

Luck showed symptoms of a concussion on Monday and entered the league’s concussion protocol. He wasn’t able to participate in the team’s abbreviated practices this week, and the release of Wednesday’s injury report ended any remaining suspense about his status for this week.
Colts officially rule Luck out


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Scott Tolzien on Thanksgiving, it's not only the Colts taking a loss, it's everyone who planned on watching a shootout and entertaining game on Thanksgiving.

NBC gotta be annoyed this is their game at 8:30.

This will be another unwatchable mess now.
Too bad they can't flex Cowboys-Redskins to prime time....
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