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"It's been an honor to play against him" -- Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger on the #Patriots ' Tom Brady #Patriots

@EdDaigneault process is F'ed up. But if it's confirmed they told kid this, then bailed it looks a lot worse.

@UConnReport don't disagree. But let's not act like they couldn't have handled this better. Could've cut cord before this

RT @AlbertBreer: Per sources, the Texans are promoting LBs coach Mike Vrabel to defensive coordinator. Romeo Crennel expected to stay, like…

Roethislberger on conference call on Antonio Brown and Malcolm Butler commercial: "Good acting, I guess?"

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger calls #Patriots "the gold standard" #Patriots

#Patriots head coach Bill Belichick tells Pittsburgh media "I’m not going to get into a big social media discussion." #Patriots

@UConnReport has it been refuted yet? If so, I missed it. Asked DB about it yesterday. Process is f'ed up. Even still, late to pull ride.

"They're the gold standard. They're awesome." Roethlisberger on how the Patriots cause reaction like Steelers locker room Sunday

RT @BuckinBoston: My @bostonherald col: Charlie Jacobs won't stand in way if Cam Neely, Don Sweeney fire Claude Julien. #NHLBruins https:…

Big Ben on the Patriots on a conference call with NE media: “They’re the gold standard. They’re the best. They’re a…

Belichick to Pitt media on FB live video: I don’t know anything about that stuff anyway, InstaFace and all of that. I don’t care about that.

Roethlisberger calls the Patriots "the gold standard, the best, they're awesome."

"You never know what you're going to get. They outcoach you. Have to make adjustments" Roethlisberger

On conference call, Ben Roethlisberger says Tom Brady's jersey is hanging in his office with others like Marino, Kelly etc.

Roethlisberger calls @Mac_BZ "a shutdown corner"

Roethlisberger says Antonio Brown and Malcolm Butler bring out the best in each other.

The Bruins aren’t only a mediocre hockey team, they’re becoming something far worse

Roethlisberger calls Malcolm Butler a shutdown cornerback.

Ben Roethlisberger says he has the jersey he requested and received from Tom Brady hanging in his office.

@EdDaigneault not when you call and tell the kid your honoring the commitment on their end after the coaching change.

@JamesPalmerTV we absolutely did. You here this weekend?

Fleet of Patriots at podium today. We will carry all of them live.

One of these will be headed to a record 9th Super Bowl Sunday night.

Because no one's ever taken this pic before...

Never dull, my friend, especially at this time of year. Lot of people want to hear my sizzling hot takes. Who am I…

Were it anyone else, I'd say promoting an assistant to DC while keeping the old DC around is ridiculous. But w/ Vrabel & Crennel it'll work

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      Hey Deus. It might be time for that Kool-aid guy to make an appearance in the Seymour thread. These guys are unbelievable. You'd think Richard Seymour was a JAG on our defense and BB once again the infallible evaluator of all things Patriots.
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