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Sep 24th


2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
Very sad news: RIP Joker
OT: Doug Kyed's Daughter - Please Consider Donating
Article: Bill O' Brien, Mac Jones and the Offense
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  • Where are you Andy? The defense has been a juggernaut and nothing from you? Usually your time to shine. Anyway hope all is well.
    I am not God by any means, I only want people in my life that feel the same way as I do. At work, If you don't share my values on lying and cheating and adultery, fine while at work we can be a business acquaintance,
    but we won't go for lunch or a beer after work. Same down at the VFW, we can work on the same projects without me buying you a beer or sitting next to you at the bar.
    Did Fourier welch on a $2k bet with you? Forget the "I'll leave the board" bs. He could just sign up under a new moniker. I didn't follow the whole thread. It might've been in another one. Obviously not smart for you to expect a random message board guy to step up but he's an all time gutter puke if he stiffs you.
    Andy - I know that you and I are probably never going to like each other as members, but I have to say that you have been spot on today. For the life of me, I don't know why people don't get the fact that a quarterback who has a career 47.9% pass completion rate, led the league in fumbles in 2011, and was only 2nd to Curtis Painter in 3 and outs in the same year, has no role being on the New England Patriots unless he serves other roles that are outside his natural position. I have made this point time and again and the Tebow admirers who specifically joined this website to make it clear just by their presence that they were here because of Tebow and not because of the Patriots squad that they are definitely right and anyone with empirical evidence is definitely wrong. Anyway - I just wanted you to know that I appreciated what you have said today, including the part about bigotry. I posted the same definition myself and of course it was ignored. Really good stuff today....
    Hey man. I got rid of the 2 stupid .gifs you don't like the brady spike 1? that seemed appropriate. I don't want to start bad blood AJ. I bring good info and responses to the group. My sig is sooo much more bareable than those mamouth sized 1's. I hope all is well. GO PATS GO!!!
    Hi Andy, I noticed you were a mod here. I posted a thread on the draft board here. My question was specifically aimed at some of our knowledgeable members for tips. PatChick closed the thread immediately and stated that my question could be answered if I read around. Is she having her period? Because I've dealt w/ her before. I actually been a member since 2003 at the old site and Im a good contributor. Could you please REOPEN the thread. Seems there are too many Mods (unqualified) making quick judgements. I really don't appreciate a woman judging my football question.
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