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Goodell: "I understand the public misunderstanding of those things and how that can be difficult for

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Dec 6th

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So, we see he learned nothing from the Ray Rice fiasco...but he DID learn from Defamegate; specifically that, when confronted with the facts, double down on the original incorrect decisions and assumptions.

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This is what you get when you put a not-so-bright crusader personality in position to be

PR flack

all at the same time. But it's ok owners, right? After all, 9 billion isn't enough money. You've really got to get that up to 9.01 billion.

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Goodell is scum. Plain and simple. If he and his front office of meth-addled crap flinging monkey boyz like you, then you're in like Flint. But if you are getting to uppity, like, say, some team in new England that refuse to "learn it's place" and let other team win, then, well, you're on your own and even the most minor of infractions will result in draconian measures being taken against players, coaches, and the organization.

Goodell needs a present for Christmas. Might I suggest a gift from Patriots fans everywhere of a nice warm coat made from hot tire and chicken feathers, each liberally applied.


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Great point, Roger. Man, the NFL should really hire someone to be the public face of the league whose job includes clarifying this stuff, explaining and applying the rules in a consistent way, and building credibility with the public. Maybe he could be called a 'commissioner' or something.


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Derrick Rose just recently was charged and cleared of rape while having many unsavory details come out about the incident. Somehow this doesn't give the NBA a black eye, or even the Knicks as far as I've heard. A domestic abuser in Aroldis Chapman being the Cubs closer isn't impacting the World Series at all. Somehow it's just the NFL shooting itself in the foot over and over.

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I can understand Roger's misunderstanding of why 2 Bohemia way was burned to the ground.


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What an as*hole. How this guy is still in charge on anything other then the fry station at McDonalds is beyond me.

Corruption knows no bounds it seems. Even in modern day sports.

The guy in charge of the fry station could do a much better job managing the NFL than Roger. :)
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