Demaryius Thomas traded to the Jets

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No ****ing way!:eek:

Can't complain about it though.

I would imagine DT is pissed off lol.

Disagree. I would bet he asked for a release or trade, and was fine with it. He wouldn’t want to be inactive at this point of his career. I think they would have released him had he been against the deal.

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When I'm thinking "heft" I'm thinking 330 heft, not some guy who is a natural 285 and bulked himself up to get to 300 (and lost his quickness in the process). When you think on it, Guy is the only guy we have on the roster who would be a competent 3-4 DE.

The Steelers played themselves out of a running game Sunday. When we play the Jets I'm guessing the DL will be tested a lot more. I'm still a little nervous about our "light in the pants" DL.
Why wait, who is out there that is better than what we have in house. It's not like there are any OT options out there that would excite me, except for Williams....and that's not a realistic option. Do you have some OT suggestions that excite you? I'm listening.

Not there are a lot of DT/NT options that excite either. Who would be on your short list?


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Gotta feel for a guy who busted his tail to rehab in order to play for a contender, agrees to not consider offers from other teams after cut-downs with the expectation he would return to the Pats and contribute, only to be traded to the Jets. Wouldn't blame him for being upset right now.

I guess they feel good about Harry. They seem to be very similar players, with Harry being younger and having more potential at this point in their respective careers, and there is really only room for one at this point.

Agree, but to be fair I don't think this is how the either the Pats or DT drew this up. AB was a wild card that came from nowhere. Doesn't mean he sees it this way, but it is what it is.

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Just want to point this out again, as much as myself as to others. It'll make me feel better and, hopefully, it'll do the same for some of you. Think passing downs:






So, fingers crossed for health, and for problem avoidance, and hopes for some kind of TE upgrade, but it's looking pretty damn good outside of that.
Looks real good for a team that several weeks ago we were thinking that the D and run game would carry them.


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Love this post from Gang Green MB on Thomas trade-

If DT gets 1 TD as a Jet thats likely more than anyone we draft in the 6th will do.


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Sorry this was a dumb move ....a 6th? And the guy waited after he was cut to re-sign here...could have gone to any team ...And THEN we trade him to a DIVISION rival....and More Insulting than that.....The Jete?! All I can say is wow
It does feel like a dick move by the Patriots but so be it.

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I am guessing that the Jets were the only team offering anything at all, and the cap savings of trading him rather than releasing him avoids having to do more cap room creation moves in the near term.


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Sorry this was a dumb move ....a 6th? And the guy waited after he was cut to re-sign here...could have gone to any team ...And THEN we trade him to a DIVISION rival....and More Insulting than that.....The Jete?! All I can say is wow

Saves cap space. Now that AB is here and Josh has been reinstated He would have a diminished role
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I knew after the AB signing that the Pats would want to move Thomas’ contract if they could for the cap space and roster spot. But, I really couldn’t think of a team who’d trade for him. I had forgotten about the Gase connection, so I was actually thinking we might see an NBA type trade where you trade a pick along with the player to get someone to take the contract. Enter the Jets.

For all you WR hoarders who wanted to keep him in case 5 things happened to give him playing time, that was not in the best interest of the Pats who need every dollar of cap space they can muster nor for Thomas who needs an opportunity to show he’s healthy and extend his career.


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They absolutely did not. They traded him to a team he clearly wanted to play for (the Patriots never trade with the Jets, so this must be a player request.) He got to keep his same contract and gets to join a team with his old offensive coordinator as the HC and much better opportunity for him to get reps and targets. It wasn't the Patriots intent to string DT along...they just got a whole bunch of great breaks on the WR position after he signed, and now they are loaded.

I'm inclined to agree with you on this and hope for this to be true. You say the Patriots never trade with the Jets... I think it would be more accurate to say that BB, during his stint as the Patriots HC, has never traded with them before.


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You know. I don't really care where DT was traded to. He is getting paid and getting a chance to play. He never played a regular season down for the Patriots, I have no emotional attachment to him at all. God some of you act like he is a 12 year vet who cured cancer and Bill just sent him to play in Japan.


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Yeah I don’t mind them trading him...even if nasty move it is a Business....but to one of our division rivals?! This would seem like a first

They traded Bledsoe in his prime to the Bills. And The 2002 Bills were a far better team than the 2019 Jets.


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Wow. I was looking forward to five wide with

Brown, Jules, Harry, Gordon, Thomas

But this makes sense. Hate it’s the jets.

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Most likely scenario is that after Brown was signed, Thomas requested a trade to somewhere he could play and Belichick did him a solid turn just like he had done for the Patriors after cut downs, even if that meant trading him to the vile Jets.

I've always liked Demaryius Thomas (his early years were stunted by Tebow and then he didn't get enough credit for making Peyton look good) and I'm glad he's getting the opportunity to play out the downside of his prime rather than ride the bench on the Patriots for insurance against Gordon or Brown blowing up only to be cut midseason when Harry is ready. He's already got a ring, and he still has an outside shot at a Hall of Fame bid if he puts up a couple more big seasons (though he's probably closer to that Cliff Branch, Sterling Sharpe, Henry Ellard, Herman Moore, and Wes Welker tier of almost but not quite, though I'd take some of those guys over Cris Carter so who knows).

That wasn't going to happen with the Patriots. It sucks it's with the Jets.
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