Demaryius Thomas traded to the Jets

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It is not even clear how long it will take for Brown to be playing like a #1 WR for the patriots. Our offense is very, very difficult to learn, and much different than that of OAK or PITT.

Of course, his talent is so great that the team may be able to give him enough plays to have him be a top contributor in a couple of weeks. As Brady has said, it depends on how fast he learns.

AB chipped in 167 yards in 9 games his first year and wasnt even the #1 receiver his great 2nd year in the league and you think Harry would be a #1 WR in his first year?


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Yo I completely forgot Meredith was also joining this 53 at some point this season. Wow. I really don't think we needed DT even if the Brown thing busts.
I don’t think it’s close to a given that we will see Meredith this year.

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So now we know, definitively, what we all knew before, but some refused to acknowledge:

There was, in fact, an agreement to bring Thomas back after cuts.
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