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Demaryius Thomas traded to the Jets

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Good - I haven't been merely talking myself into this conclusion; it just made no sense to keep him any more. He would be platooning with Dorsett and Meyers for playing time, with an incentive laced contract and won't be a part of their future. Glad they could dump this contract on a stupid team, as I suspected the only reason they were now keeping him was not wanting to screw him over.

I think Gunner's solid performance as a punt returner was the final straw in making DT totally expendable as the WR7.

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Gotta feel for a guy who busted his tail to rehab in order to play for a contender, agrees to not consider offers from other teams after cut-downs with the expectation he would return to the Pats and contribute, only to be traded to the Jets. Wouldn't blame him for being upset right now.

I guess they feel good about Harry. They seem to be very similar players, with Harry being younger and having more potential at this point in their respective careers, and there is really only room for one at this point.
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Makes sense to me. Saves 2M+ in cap space that cutting him would not have saved due to termination pay and solves the WR situation elegantly with respect to Harry coming back.

There is a reason why DT was the most guessed player to be moved. He was at the bottom of the depth chart. Just had to find a place and with Gase being there it makes a lot of sense for DT and the Jets.

If there is some issue with Gordon/AB there is still Meredith on PUP.


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Kind of disappointed. But I guess we really dont know if game 4 was a product of him playing against 4th stringers.

In bill we trust...if he thinks Meyers or gunner has a better chance to contribute than Thomas.


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