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Brady's dad claims Bill may be "On the hot seat"

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Dec 6th

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I think Bill has quite a while before he's on the hot seat and I think it was more about rubbing Bill's face in the fact that Tom is in the super bowl and Bill is in Nantucket. That was the part of the interview that got the buzz but the part that I found interesting is that Brady Sr seemed to insinuate that Kraft is very happy for Tom but Bill isn't.

Brady Sr. talked glowingly of Robert Kraft, who reached out to Brady after the quarterback’s NFC Championship triumph on Sunday, and his sons. He conspicuously did not mention Belichick, however.

“Robert (Kraft)’s been a spectacular owner for 25 years. He is sincere in his feelings for Tommy when he expresses his feelings, and it’s vice versa,” said Brady. “Tommy feels the same way with Robert Kraft. He has an extraordinarily close relationship with him. I know Robert is rooting for Tommy right now. As I know Jonathan, Danny and the whole family. There’s no question about that.”



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Much like Gisele, Linda Holladay, and Gronk's family, I really don't care what any player or coach's family has to say. I don't even like it when someone like Rex Ryan starts making comments because he obviously has a history he's pulling from emotionally, but at least he coached in the league and has some first hand knowledge of things like this. Family members are just emotional support for the players, and their opinions are going to be heavily biased.


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I doubt it. Coach and QB are two biggest needs in the NFL and you don't compound the problem by then getting rid of the greatest coach of all time.

Did Bill handle the situation poorly? Yes. But one bad season isn't going to be the end of Bill in new england. He should be afforded the right to put together a competitive team.

Let's see what this team looks like after free agency and the draft and trades.


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This tells me more now than ever that Bill is going to overpay for Jimmy G.
A QB he was so sure of that he could win in this league with has close ties to and was ready to let the Goat go til Kraft stepped in.
If the niners want Stafford or whoever else. A trade up for Lance who I think will be special by the way.
I don’t think it matters Bill sends to take Jimmy G win he already knows the offense and the system and rub in everyone’s face he can win a superbowl with him I truly believe he can win with him.


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He said Bill is on a little bit of a hot seat. Which I think is a little different than saying he's on THE hot seat. One means he's getting some criticism and the other means his job is in jeopardy. I'd say what he says doesn't matter but this might be insight into what Tom is thinking too.

Bill will be able to try and rebuild the team but if that fails and we are no further along in 3 years or so then I think the needle will definitely be moving hard to the latter.

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Bill will only be on the hot seat if it’s a prolonged rebuild. A couple more mediocre seasons and Kraft may be wondering why he’s paying a coach $20m per season for a middle of the pack team when he could pay someone else $6m.

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I could see Brady retiring, Kraft firing BB, hire Brady as HC and Brady wins a SB as a HC in NE in his first year and raise a « F*** you Bill » banner :D :D


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Pretty telling comments from his dad. A little victory lap. He and Tom's mom must be over the moon thrilled with how the season worked out for Tom.

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Brady Senior has always been a bit more chatty than Tom likes... non story. I’m sure Sr was not overly pleased that Belichick was willing to part ways with Brady, hence protective father speculates that BB could be in hot seat. How utterly shocking. :zzz::zzz:


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Funny, I was thinking of a top 10 people who want Brady to win to stick it Bill and hadn't thought of Brady senior.

1. Malcolm Butler
2. Lawyer Milloy
3. Adalius Thomas
4. Bill Pollian
5. Mike Tannenbaum
6. Tuna
7. Logan Mankins
8. Bernie Kosar
9. Drew Bledsoe
10. Don Trump