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Conflicting reports on what Brady wanted from Kraft after 2017: "The Dynasty" says Brady wanted out, but Wickersham said the opposite

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Not sure if this was posted yet, but this excerpt is about BB and is a very cool read. The balls it took to hang tough and keep Drew on the bench is way up there.

But BeLiChIcK is LiKE ThuH WoRSt CoACh So OvErRRaTeD ReMEmbeR WhAT He DId WihT TEh BrOWNs o_O

Or something.

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Don’t blame us for Tompa Boy he tried to trademark the term.

The defense in 08 was kinda awful for a variety of reasons. Might have been one of the worst in the league in fact. That imo had just as much to do with the blowout loss to Pitt and missing the playoffs as the downgrade at QB was. But take Belichick away from this team and add an average coach and we’d most likely be closer to a 6 win team than 11. No question about it.

As for JG I agree about his durability that was the biggest problem I had with him. But if he stayed healthy I can’t see why the team couldn’t make the playoffs and make a deep playoff run if Brady wasn’t available.

Ah I didn't realize he trademarked Tompa Boy. Apology for the misunderstanding. Cheers.
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