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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Maybe the answer has been chatting us all up on a daily basis?

Sad Scott Zolak GIF by New England Patriots


LOL, funny you mentioned him. I dug out some old stuff I wrote back right after they hired Belichick and found this one where he talked at length about Bishop. He actually had a fair amount of praise for him:

Definitely kind of funny to look back and see how that all turned out and how fired up people here were for him at times :rolleyes:


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
I have a feeling you're not wrong. I used to think it would be Garoppolo, now I'm not so sure.
No one really knows BB's mind BUT I'll take a stab at HIS ideal solution at QB next year:

1. Jimmy (but I don't know that SF let's him go)
2. Carr (same issue as above)
3. Trubisky
4. Cam
5. Sign 3 cheap vets the board will hate and let them compete in TC

I think they draft a rookie on day 2 no matter what.
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