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Joker Supporter Supporter
Well, OK. It's easy to complain, and I probably indulge too often in that debased pleasure, so I'll say something affirmatively.

If we're looking for a qb who might be temporary but just might not be, who's at least "interesting" as a prospect, who can be gotten fairly cheap, who while he's no TB12 is pretty good-lookin', who's not afraid to fly his li'l freakflag around the ol' locker room, who sports the same raffish 70's pornostash as yours truly, we want

...Insert weak "tahdah" here...

Gardner Minshew.

Why I can hear the hosannahs from here in my snowy bower, deep in the piney woods.

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wassamadda with a pornstache? how else do you give the ladies mustache rides before they hop on the baloney pony?


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
this is absolutely hilarious. Newton is coming back; the Patriots / Kraft / Belichick media cartel is going into overdrive

Tunescribe Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
Are you serious?
Watson is choosing to leave the dumpster fire that is Houston to voluntarily go to the JETE? WTF

@Tunescribe , @Joker what say you about this.
Watson is Jete material all the way, he DEFINITELY should sign with them. And his contract must stipulate Wednesdays and Thursdays off for court proceedings involving his many sexual harassment lawsuits.


The FRG has a little ****
Arch Manning starts college in 2023. This kid is incredible! Started for his high school as an eighth grader.

we get a hold of him and his uncle Peyton’s head explodes!!!!
Bill could be retired by 2023, but imagine Arch Manning the QBOF with Little Steven, the HCOF.


Bill Lee

What, me worry?
Kirk Cousins. Three number ones should do it.
Wow, just be glad that BB sucks at drafting WRs and 2nd round DBs and doesn't make moves like that or the Nick Foles one either.

We may have a scrap heap QB too, but at least we didn't throw tons of draft resources and cash into the position.