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Trade for bennett? Crazy!

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Dec 6th

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Now that green bum is finito maybe they would take a trade. It would be expensive. Maybe an agreement to trade him back after this year? That would be illegal most likely.

It would help the offense though.

Let the "waah, that's lousy!", begin!

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Really like Bennett and once again his agent misjudged the market.. how would any of these armchair GM's fit his "cap hit" into the amount of money available for the Patriots.. just read the article suggesting such on Pats Pulpit with the caveat of "it comes down to the cost".


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Not THAT crazy. Bennett was a good player for us and I doubt he'd mind coming back. He was a big piece of last year's team after Gronk went down and I don't think we get through to the Superbowl without him thanks to the Gronk injury.

I know it's not happening for a number of reasons, but most of the reasons cited in this thread so far aren't those reasons.

The real problem is that he's too expensive for what he does, we don't need him to be TE1 and he's too expensive to play TE2, the asset cost might be considerable and probably would not pay off, and he wouldn't be THAT big an upgrade over what we already have.

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