The Quest for 3: An Ode to Oceansizer

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Oct 25th

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Per contractual agreement. No actual poetry was harmed, or even contemplated, in the making of this ode.

In the land of football plenty, where Lombardis grew on trees,
A single dream went unfulfilled: The Challenge of the Three.
Each year the faithful ventured, draftniks bold and draftniks wise,
Yet none could ever see the draft through Bill and Ernie's eyes.
The PatsFans were undaunted. They assembled for a quest,
To find three mighty heroes fit to join Sir Tommy's best.
The dream of glory drove them on, their spirits riding high,
As they approached Mount Kiper, where so many draft dreams die.
The graves of binkies loved and lost lay shrouded in the gloom,
And not an eye was dry when they passed Connor Barwin's tomb.
Then thirty-one draft demons rose before them in the haze.
All armed with picks, they set upon our PatsFans for three days.
Brave Manxman fell, then Reamer, Patfanken and Captain Stone,
Until, at last, a single questing draftnik stood alone.
They called him Oceansizer, as relentless as the tide,
As pick by pick he sent those demons scurrying to hide.
He'd Harry and he'd Chase them 'til the last ghoul bent the knee,
Then with a cry of "Yodny-Ho!" he claimed his heroes three.
Hurrah for Oceansizer and his stirring draft success!
Join voices far and wide to say: "That was a damn good guess."