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The glass is very half full on this roster at this point

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Oct 31st

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mgteich Veteran Supporter
How many special-teams-only guys get kept? This seems an area for a surprise cut.

  • Folk or Nordin
  • Bailey (all star)
  • Cardona
  • Olszewski (all star) (as #4/5 WR)
  • Slater (as #5/6 WR) (the best evah)
  • Bethel (as #5 CB) (nearly = to Slater now)
  • Davis (as #5 S) ($2.1M guaranteed)
  • King (as #4 IL)
  • Virgin (as #6 CB)
  • Bolden (as #4/5 RB)
  • Wilkerson (as #4/5 WR)
"Surprise" depends on how many your expect us to keep. I expect 7-8.
I expect us to cut King, Virgin and Wilkerson.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Wilkerson, agular, and Bourne have all suffered this spring from numerous drops.

Moss and TO caught about 56% or 58% of the balls thrown to them. For Agholor it will be lower than that - about 1 out or every 2. PatsFans needs to have this expectation.