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Which positions would a day 3 pick be most likely to make the team

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Sep 12th

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Looking at the roster where are the most likely openings that a day 3 pick would make the team? Here is an outline, what’s does everyone think?

QB. Low. Would have to keep 3 AND would have to beat our stidham
RB. Low. Harris, Michel, White, Taylor , Bolden is pretty full. But some good rbs do come on day 3
TE. Low. Hard to see a day 3 pick beating our both asiasi and Keene for te3
Fb. Decent. I’m not thrilled with Johnson, vitale is a jag who missed a year and the greatest blocking run in history would still be on the board now. Don’t know if the guy is there but the right one would have a shot.
WR. Good. Agholor, Meyers, Bourne are set 1,2,3. Do they feel Harry needs another shot or are they done? Certainly a day 3 could come in and take wr4, wr5.
OL. VERY GOOD. IOL is reasonably set, although karras as iol4 only has a one year deal so we will definitely be keeping an iol5 and a day3 puck could surely beat out what we have there. At OT currently we don’t have a reliable OT3 that isn’t starting at LG.
DT. very low. We are loaded here. Guy, GOD, Anderson, Barmore, wise, cowart, Adams, Davis, Spence. Deepest we have ever been at this spot. We should be trading some of these guys for future picks not drafting more.
Edge. Low Some of these guys are also LB off the ball or DT but in different situations all play “de”. Judon, Winovich, KVN, uche, Perkins, Jennings, wise, Anderson
LB. moderate . HT, KVN will get most of the snaps at off the ball lb. Uche, Jennings play there also. McMillan and Bentley are the depth that a draft choice would have to beat out but a prospect who excels on sts would have a shot.
CB. Moderate Gilmore, Jackson, Jones are clear 1,2,3. Mills will play everywhere in the secondary. A corner drafted would be competing with Williams and Bryant for a role
S moderate. McCourty, dugger Phillips mills leave little room for playing time but a strong Ster could find a spot.
K. Moderate. could draft a K again. Folk is an ok guy you always hope to upgrade if you can.
P no set here.

where does everyone agree/disagree?

looks like we will be looking



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I think RB has a higher chance than low.

But agree, most likely is OL and WR.


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  • RB - I don't think it would be crazy for a RB to beat out Taylor (and I like Taylor), but only take one if it's a BPA situation.
  • FB - I still really like Johnson, I think he's already one of the better run blocking FB in the league and raw enough that the skillset could expand even further. Wouldn't be mad to see a late round pick here though if it's someone more complete and ready to play now.
  • DT - Not so much a disagreement about the draft approach (I also think "very low" is correct), but I wouldn't call our DL loaded. We have a bunch of solid players and exactly one with upside (Barmore). Still, not much room for a late round pick here.
  • LB - I still want to see us draft a LB/S hybrid who can cover from the linebacker spot. Van Noy is fine at ILB but best on the edge. I have yet to actually see evidence that Uche plays ILB in this system. If the team plans to deploy Dugger/Phillips at sub LB, I'm perfectly fine with our depth here. I just don't know that's what they actually plan to do.
  • S - Another non-disagreement but comment related to what I just said about LB. If we do play Dugger/Phillips at sub LB, we probably need to carry more than 4 safeties on the roster. The fact that we have so few right now kind of indicates to me that they aren't going to be playing much sub linebacker.
I completely agree with the rest.


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Agree WR and OT. I'd like to see a tall burner drafted to backup WR1. Get the best available OT.

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I think RB has a higher chance than low.

But agree, most likely is OL and WR.
I think they love Taylor and if so it would be really hard for a day 3 RB to make the roster but some (potentially) really good RBs are there on day 3.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
1) Any player drafted in the 4th rounder will make the team, or IR. Every one has under Belichick.

2) An OL is likely to make the team.

3) No other position is LIKELY to have a player make the team.


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Not a lot of roster spots available on this team but I think the best chance of making the roster would be an O Lineman, Cb and Wr....possibly ilb


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I think they love Taylor and if so it would be really hard for a day 3 RB to make the roster but some (potentially) really good RBs are there on day 3.

I agree. Coach Fears speaks glowingly about him like he used to do about J. White. Taylor was added to the 53 very early last year after cutdown. He is a lock.


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I would really love to come out of today with WR Simi Fehoko or WR Jacob Harris on the Pat’s roster. Also Marquez Stevenson is a burner, great speed. Also like WR Dax Milne. On the RB side, I’d love to add the explosive Chuba Hubbard or extremely elusive Michael Carter. Wouldn’t mind RB Kenneth Gainwell or the Lagarrette Blount like Rhamondre Stevenson.

I think TE wise, we are ok. But Henry & Smith are guys who’ve had injury histories. If they felt guys like Brevin Jordan and Kenny Yeboah are too good to pass up, I’d be fine with one of them. I think we carry 4 TEs this year. I can’t see them cutting bait on Asiasi and Keene just yet, but if they feel either Jordan or Yeboah are better, maybe Keene gets cut.

I wouldn’t be surprised with more than 2 OLinemen being selected by the Pats today. But at the end of the day, I’d like to see the Pats concentrate on the most explosive offensive weapons still available.


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I'm going to go a little off the path and say the most likely is a ST. And I don't mean a WR or DB who ends up playing mostly special teams, but a Matthew Slater type, who I seem to remember was billed as a ST ace right from the get go. Slater is getting towards the end of his career, and if there's a high character, high work ethic kid that you project could be a ST star, having a year or two to groom behind Matt would be a nice pickup.

But from your list, I would be very surprised if we don't take a couple of OL on day 3, because it seems to be our most consistent late round pipeline, and we'll likely have a need at OT in 2022.