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OT NFLPA Fires Independent Dr in Tua situation

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2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Except sometimes it may look like a concussion, but it's not - assuming you believe Julian here:

Interesting, except the rule they're considering would've had him out regardless of hip, back or whatever else makes a player stumble. Typical over reaction. They just need to get people qualified to evaluate these concussions.


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I don't understand bringing up Edelman as it relates to BB. There were like 4 minutes left in the game. At that point it's completely on the medical staff and neurologist. To expect BB in the middle of the Super Bowl to make that call is ridiculous.

I don't think McDaniels should take much heat either as that's still on the medical staff. But at least given a few days before they play he would have been privy to the decision and available info.

I also think the whole concussion thing gets overblown. The problem was that the NFL hid/denied it for decades allowing players to unknowingly take the risk. Everyone should know the dangers of concussions now so you choose to play knowing the risks. Of course we should still have Drs and protocols to protect them from themselves but this should be enough and everyone but the Drs and the player shouldn't get caught in the crossfire. Unless he explicitly did something to circumvent protocol or bribe or blackmail the player.
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Jim Beankie

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Typical Curran to act like Pats skirted league rules and benefitted from something as if that game wasn't 8 years ago or anything. It benefitted your binky Tommy too, Tom E.
I don't read that at all from Curran's tweet. I think he's questioning the new rule.


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The new rule apparently relates to the definition of “gross motor instability.” The issue comes that you can get a gross motor instability (staggering around) either from a concussion or from a leg/hip/back injury, some of which (comparable to a stinger) can be temporary.

Just to be clear here, the coach is not part of the process for deciding if a player is concussed. That's on the team doctor, with advice and consultation from the independent consultant. Tua must have passed the protocol on Sunday although it sure looked to anyone with eyes much more like a concussion than a back issue.