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OT NFLPA Fires Independent Dr in Tua situation

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I understand that McDaniel has been saying the Dolphins evaluation process has been sound? - "Have 100% conviction in our process". And now this. Looks even worse on the team assuming McDaniels discussed his responses internally before delivering them (which I assume he did). He would have been better off saying, "I am not a neurosurgeon, and the Dolphins are singularly concerned with ensuring the health of all players", and leaving it at that. I know the reporters love it when he rambles on and on, but it is not credible when he is discussing areas of expertise he has no knowledge of.


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If you read the beginning of the article, it states, "the NFL Players Association exercised its right to dismiss the consultant". It is fair to say the Dolphins were using the independent consultant as a scapegoat, but the Dolphins did not fire the consultant. Why would the NFLPA have any reason to need a scapegoat? Makes no sense to me. Maybe you did not read the article?


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fired because he made several mistakes

you don't say...


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Wonder if the average Dolphins fan take about the situation has evolved. This morning, Finheaven was full of people saying he didn't get a concussion against the Bills and "people need to stop pretending to be doctors".


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Imagine the flack BB would be getting? Why does this rookie coach get such a free pass?

Have you watched his press conferences? Or his sit down with the press where they ask him anything and he tells them everything. He gets a pass because the press has incredible access so they love him. It is that simple. The press has lots of content so they want the rookie coach to last.

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Edelman was definitely concussed....I remember him doing an interview and someone asked him about the hit and he had a big smile on face saying he "passed the test."
Feck Tom Curran. Had to bring that up. Ruins my narrative


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Tua deserves some blame here that he's not getting. His lies got him through concussion protocol (likely a skill honed through dealing with an abusive father - seriously) and also contributed to a doctor being fired.

I'm not ready to cast blame entirely on that doctor. I don't know the concussion protocol, whether the doctor is required to watch replay of the hit, whether every brain injury results in enlarged pupils or other obvious concussion signs. Add that to comments on players purposely setting a low baseline at the end of the year to perform better on concussion exams.

Also, McDaniel is a guaranteed cuhk in real life.

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Imagine the flack BB would be getting? Why does this rookie coach get such a free pass?
Except for when Jules took a vicious hit to the head by Chancellor.