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OT: Reich Fired

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Losing an elite QB would do that to most franchises. But yes it's been pretty bad
I feel like most the time a team is somewhat prepared to lose their franchise QB to retirement or free agency and plans for it but the Colts seemed to be building a "win now" team and then had the rug pulled out from under them when their 29 year old star QB retired. Indy got caught in no man's land with a good roster but no QB so they tried to supplement with aging/rehab project veterans and it hasn't worked. I would assume it is time to rip the bandaid off but they have some big contracts they just handed out that are going to hinder them a bit. Matt Ryan is going to end up with a bunch of dead cap money. Shaq Leonard hasn't played at all this year after back surgery and just signed a big deal last year. They also have a fairly high paid offensive line that is a complete disaster as we just saw. They have a lot of work to do and also have an impulsive nut job of an owner which won't make it any easier for them.


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thought i read a few posts where people were wondering if this would happen... I didn't think the Colts would fire him during the season, just based on irsay letting Pagano run out the string a few years ago... so this is mildly surprising to me

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I think he's the GM's scapegoat. I think he's blaming Reich for Ryan's failure at QB. The GM has screwed up the QB situation for years.
Reich is definitely the scapegoat, and he was the absolute best of Clots management. Now they have no intelligent or responsible adults in the room. Frank is talented, he deserves another, and better, job.