Game Day Thread Official Postgame Thread: Patriots fall to Texans 22-28

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Oct 25th

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Yeah he could have used his body better, but the CB was right on top of Harry. Brady shouldn't have throw it to him.

Meanwhile Myers got a few steps on his guy. I'd like to see the angle from the end zone to see if there was a defender underneath that forced that throw to Harry instead of Myers. Although it looks like they're playing man coverage.


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I am amazed how useless dorsett is with his speed. This team could be exposed even further against the chiefs. The texans are a good football team but we made them look great. They have some good players though on the offensive side of the ball.

He cant run a 4.3.The stop watch must have froze up.

Otherwise, every DB covering Dorsett runs a 4.3 because they are stuck to him like glue.


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Or maybe belichick continues to be awful at drafting wide receivers. Out of all the receivers he drafted over the past 20 years he hit on 2: Edelman and Branch. Every other wide receiver he has drafted has been a complete and utter bust.


But youre right. Just 2 WRs. Edelman was a QB who played multiple roles before landing at WR.

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Harry looks slow and soft running that route. Terrible how Belichick has ruined this offense with his decisions, aside from Brady the least talented offense in NFL


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This sums up the game pretty well. Wish more coaches would get pissed in public.


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Harry was the first WR taken in the draft? Must have been a bad draft group this year.

Kenbrell Thompkins has far outperformed N'Keal Harry in a first three games comparison - Thompkins had 9 catches, 130 yards, and 2 tds. Harry has been a complete bust to this point, and a waste of a first round pick THUS FAR.

Chad Jackson has also outperformed N'Keal Harry through the first 3 games of his Patriots career (Jackson had 4 for 51 and a td)

And now after that int last night, I'm pretty sure Brady will freeze out Harry like he did to Chris Hogan for a big part of last season


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In the end Brady had pretty decent numbers for a washed up QB, question, did those 2 TD's were pure garbage time scores or did the offense built something playing kind of free without the pressure of a game still in check?

I think the offense got better with Ferrentz at center , of course Houston went kind of prevent but I'm not sure teams still play prevent against the Patriots after everything this team has done over the years, specially Bob who came from this program. The team was one perfect onside kick away to have a real shot at winning the game.


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Maybe instead of receivers playing in the secondary like old times, we now need DBs playing receiver. See if JoJuan Williams can hang onto a pass or run a route.

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Will be an interesting listen to Chathams post mortem podcast. At least for the rational crowd.

The offense remains a mix of different issues including the QB.


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Myers is better than Harry. Nkeal is the new Josh Boyce..not really but he looks worthless.​
Harry may come good, but he is not what Brady needs now. His skill set will not work for Brady. Brady needs someone who can break ankles. Shifty people. D. Lewis, Jules, A.., Sanders.
You have to get open fast for him in this offense.
Josh has his work cut out for him for sure.


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Big difference between last year offense and this year. Brady had multiple guys he can trust last year .

To me, the biggest difference last year is that we had the horses to transition to a power running team. This year, no Gronk, no Develin, no Trent Brown, no Andrews. We do appear for the time being to have Wynn, but that is not enough to make up for the loss of others.
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