Game Day Thread Official Postgame Thread: Patriots fall to Texans 22-28

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Nov 1st

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“We were beaten in all three phases of the game. We’re on to Kansas City. I wish Kraft had let me keep AB.”


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Is this one official?

If it isn't official can I be arrested for posting in it?


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Pretty impressive effort and game this team pulled out against a good team on the road while being ravaged by the flu. It came down to the wire.

Tonight showed me that this is indeed a championship team.
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Well, I think the offense needs some self-belief badly. They obviously aren’t as good as they used to be but they are not as bad as you would think looking at them either. Show some energy out there! You are ten and one!!!


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Why did Brown have to be such a damn ding dong while here...

ya ya, whatever kraft could have not cut him blah blah idgaf it shouldnt have even had to be a decision

why was he dumb he's so good at football just do that ya damn dunce

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It's easy to look back, but AB, Gordon, or Girly Thomas would be welcome additions to this team.
Rob, if you're reading this, F you for not coming back.


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Well, it was not a good game. I’ve seen it many times though so I’ll have to wait and see. That Miami game last year, and the ensuing shock treatments. Lol

fair catch fryar

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If you told me that the Pats would be 10-2 at this point I would've liked it and still do obviously, but for anyone to say that they don't have some serious concerns and doubts from what they've seen so far is nuts. Usually, this team is starting to kick in new gears at the beginning of December, I am concerned at this point.


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This site would be better if anyone trolling about AB got booted. It's just that, trolling, and it's really dumb.


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The red zone offense is absolute garbage...they could have been up 7-0, but Brady crapped his pants


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@Deus Irae I hijacked your thread since it already gained traction. Hope you don’t mind that the title’s changed! Your opening post is still fitting.
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