Game Day Thread Official Postgame Thread: Patriots fall to Texans 22-28

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Oct 25th

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The KC game doesn't really matter. We are locked in at 2 regardless. Belichick will crush Josh Allen. That fool will throw bus the ball. Can we catch it???


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This team is basically an unknown even at 10-2. They could easily lose next week. The offense is pretty sad to watch.


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I really don't know what to say. I mean the offense is atrocious. Don't let the score fool y'all. Defense wasn't good. But flu and consistently having to be on the field took its toll.

There's a realistic chance this team loses the division to Buffalo. A.B. isn't walking through that door.

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@Deus Irae I hijacked your thread since it already gained traction. Hope you don’t mind that the title’s changed! Your opening post is still fitting.

Ok, but I think it really needs to be emphasized that this board was a bigger embarrassment than the team's first half play. I'm not usually one to worry overmuch about GDTs, but that was ridiculous.


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At some point, you have to start pointing fingers at Belichick for the current state of the offense.

You can forgive him for the poor offensive line because injuries to Wynn and Andrews are unpredictable, but Belichick didn’t go after a good TE during the off-season, settled for LaCosse/Watson/Izzo. He drafted a WR who couldn’t get separation in college (lol), with guys like AJ Brown and DK Metcalf available. He traded a 2nd round pick for a mediocre WR, while giving up on Demaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon.

Brady hasn’t been playing consistently either, but I do think that if you give him a better supporting cast than what he has right now, Brady can play better.

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If we sign Brown and he plays all games we're winning SB54. Not sure why we don't just ****ing pick him up already. At least force the league to make a decision already


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I'm not surprised. I picked the patriots to lose this game. I did think the pats would look better but I'm done with this offense. They aren't good enough to win it all without a ton of help from the defense. Such a shame.... At least kraft is happy though.


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Offense continues to be awful and this is what happens when the special teams and D cannot get 3 or 4 turnovers. Not sure where the improvement is coming from at this point.

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Listening to BBs presser on EEI. mostly silence mixed with a handful of mumbles...


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This team in December playing like this on offense, it’s too late in the season and I doubt things will improve much going forward, we are lacking talent big time on the offense.
The o-line was fine tonight, just the receivers never got open.

McDaniels should be pissed because his offense did not show up for the past month.

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Defense got gashed again by a capable offense. So that was disappointing. Being sick is a convenient excuse, and I hope that played a large role.

Offense.... Maybe the garbage time stats will provide a little bit of a spark. Show they can in fact throw and catch the ball. I don't know. Hard to wrap my head around some of the off season moves on offense. WR carousel, trade for sanu, cutting Gordon. 12 weeks in is the time the Pats normally pride themselves on gelling and putting out a close to finished product. Somehow we look less capable every week as this season goes on.

Hopeful for improvement, but we're running out of time.

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By the way, and for the Harry fans....

That play that ended up in an INT is the sort of play that Harry's supposed to excel at.
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