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Dec 6th

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Newton hasn't been a solid passer in years. Add in weak receivers and here is what we have. Probably a reason no one wanted him.

Let's see how YOU'D do missing your starting OC and Starting RG. Let's see how you'd do when your starting RT goes down early in the game. So you've got 3/5s of a new starting O-Line with your starting LG shifting to OC.

Add to that, your starting LT is playing hurt as well. Which is why they wanted to move him inside for this game.

The receivers were getting open. Harry was WIDE open and Cam flat out missed him on the final series. Harry had been open several other times during the game. I wasn't the only one who commented on it.

All that being said, Cam played a good game overall. As mentioned, the Ints weren't on him.

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Don't really have much to say except that the League got the game they wanted. A team that practiced for 2 weeks straight against another one that had 2 practices in the same time with a QB that missed even more before.

Add in key COVID inactives 48h before the game and then an additional injury to RT at the start of the game and you had a total garbage game on your hands.

Kudos to the team to making it close and almost pulling it off at the end. Hard to see how this team will miss the playoffs if they are ever allowed to play at full strength.

Two tough sacks by Cam in an otherwise pretty good game by him with an amazing hustle to recover a ball that should shut up anyone questioning his drive. Both INTs really not his fault and Izzo's failure to secure the ball even less so.
Did you actually say newton had a good game? How are ints not his fault? They were abysmal


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Are the practices that they held at a high school not counting? The same practices that were going to get them "in big trouble"
Was the entire team there? Did they know which team they were preparing for at that point?


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Let’s surround a not so accurate passer with mediocre talent. That’s a bright idea. I have seen enough of harry. The guy’s a mediocre wideout. I don’t think he has the speed to create much separation. Got open in the end.

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I hope all the myopic, "NO EXCUSES" folks realize that no one is asking for the outcome of the game to be overturned, or for the game to be re-played. Literally no one is saying that.

We're saying that there are real and legitimate circumstances that led to the team performing poorly today. We're saying that there is reason to be optimistic that this team could find late-season success if they can get healthy and weather the COVID storm.


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Does that mean the circumstances around today's game don't exist, because Belichick doesn't like to make public excuses for poor performances?

Seriously. I hope you realize how monumentally silly your argument is right now. Because the coach doesn't like to give public excuses for poor play, therefore all of the very real and legitimate circumstances that exist right now ... don't exist?
You keep harping on this like the circumstances are the fault that none of receivers were open all day. That our run defense absolutely sucked to a back up RB and we had several coaching brain farts that cost us.

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LOL. Belichick is the one that has consistently said that excuses are for losers and that his program is not built on excuses but competition.
LOL, Belichick is also the one who said the 2014 shellacking in KC was what told him he had something in that team, because they never gave up despite the adversity.


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The O-Line sucked and that should be the takeaway, but I think even the most positive of the Harry fanboys need to reconsider his draft status. He's a bust by most accounts and we're still waiting for that "breakout" game. At the very least, he can't be getting bumped off routes by smaller CBs or being beat out in targets by Byrd or Zubar

Your assessment of the O-line and Harry are laughable.

O-line - Wynn is playing hurt. They lost Ferentz and Mason less than 48 hours apart. So they had a makeshift line that had ZERO f'in practice together. Add to that Eluemenor going down early and you had 3/5 of an O-line that hadn't taken regular snaps to this point.

In terms of Harry, he's doing excellent in his run blocking and he's getting open. You clearly missed Cam missing him ridiculously in the final series and it had nothing to do with a CB bumping him off the route.

The Patriots didn't exactly call a lot of passing plays early on because of the makeshift O-line. They went to calling more because of the hole they were in.

Cam is accountable for 2 of the sacks he took because he should have thrown the ball away. Beyond that, it was clear that the team had only had 2 practices in 14 days.

YOU and every other person throwing out assessments who don't take that into consideration don't know jack about the game and are just spewing in a vain attempt to look smart.

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The offense is largely built on precision and you can’t be precise if you don’t practice and the players can’t/don’t execute. We saw a ton of that today. There‘s a lot of blame to go around.

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Of course. When a counter point that completely blew up your argument happens, dismiss and accuse the other poster of trolling. The point stands, they didn’t practice either and were dealing with their own issues.

You brought no counter point at all. The Titans game has absolutely zero impact on how to view or evaluate our game today.

The reality is that last week everything went the Titans way while at the same time we lost additional key players about 48h before kickoff to high risk contact tracing. The Titans didn't have a complete makeshift O, we did. The Titans didn't have a QB that signed a month before camp and then missed another 3 weeks of reps due to COVID, we did. The Titans didn't lose their two key interior DL players, we did. The Titans were not unlucky to see tipped passes turn into low percentage INTs, we did. And while they are getting healthier we lost even more players early in this game.

There is absolutely zero point comparing their situation to ours except the fact that both teams had a game moved due to COVID. You are conveniently just ignoring context just because it fits some narrative.

But go on dunking on a team that historically has been HUGE on gameplanning in a game where they didn't get to do what they are best at.

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If this team can get healthy (particularly at OL) and get Uche on the field, they can compete with anyone.

The only real issue I don't see a potential solution to is receiving talent. It's really, really bad right now.


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Harry is a Dobson clone. People didn't accept Dobson was a bust until he was out of the NFL. Have to accept the same thing about Harry

It's really too bad you continue to post garbage like this. You've lost any sense of actual football evaluation you might have had. You've become a borderline troll with this garbage.


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I missed the presser. Did Bill explain why he didn’t accept the penalty to push McManus back and challenge the 4th down spot on White?
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