Official Post Game Thread- Broncos beat the Pats

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Dec 6th

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It’s hard to talk about heart on offense when the only thing you did right was trick plays. Kind of like what we saw last year in games when Brady was stinking it up.

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Welp, this legitimately ruined my Sunday. Thought they had it there at the end (and they really should have).

DEN was sending 6-7 man blitzes and not getting there. Should've been absolutely carving them up.


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Takes a special kind of cynicism to completely ignore the circumstances around this game (and the season).

3-3 in 2012.
2-2 in 2014.
2-2 in 2017.
2-2 in 2018.
Does it? I watched a Titans team with more than 14 days between blow the doors off an undefeated Bills team. Losing is one thing. Getting completely waxed is quite another but hey, enjoy your rose colored glasses.

Boomer B

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And that's a stupid saying, and always has been. The context and circumstances around the wins/losses are absolutely relevant.
Every bloody team in the league can look back and say “if we did this or didn’t do that our record could be...”. That’s all BS. Belichick is certainly not sitting there saying “Gosh guys, we’ve played well enough to be 5-0, keep it up”

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main question, will they be allowed to practice in the next coming weeks, or still using zoom only and playing on weekends against teams that are allowed to practice on daily basis?


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The worst coached game I can remember!

brain farts on not taking the hands to the face and pushing them out of FG range.

not challenging the bad spot.

going for two when there was no reason to do so.

they were blitzing their safeties all game, how can they not throw a single slant!!!

The Pats have Zero talent on offense! Izzo makes two catches and fumbles on both of them. Harry, zero catches, can’t get open.

Denver is a terrible team, and they just handed it to the Pats, they may not win another game.
If they take the penalty and force them out of FG range there's 3 points off the board, providing they didn't make some yardage on the replayed 3rd down. Take the extra point instead of going for 2 and that's a 4 point difference and a FG wins at the end and we were in FG range.


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This was like the playoff loss to the Broncos where we sucked all game until the last 10 minutes.
...except this time we get to play again next week.

To be fair, had we beaten Peyton that game, we still wouldn't have played the next week (the Pro Bowl). Just a bit of pedantry to distract myself from the abomination I just witnessed.


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Belichick is talking a lot about the lack of practice time in his presser.
This week hopefully is more normal than the last 3 weeks. Getting to 3-3 with 2 AFC losses isn’t ideal but I’ll take it. Doubt that will be the last curveball we see thrown at our season.

Doctor DDS

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It seems like the Pats rarely just come out and run a play and say "see if you can stop me". Everything is some sort of trick or misdirection. No way they can win that way. Need to be able to complete a 3rd and 5 from the shotgun on a traditional pass route once in a while or this team is in really big trouble.

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Does it? I watched a Titans team with more than 14 days between blow the doors off an undefeated Bills team. Losing is one thing. Getting completely waxed is quite another but hey, enjoy your rose colored glasses.

Getting completely waxed? I honestly don't think you watched the game. Also, the issue was never time off; the issue was a lack of practice/prep.

It was a sloppy, disgusting game -- but they didn't get waxed (which is actually impressive despite their terrible play). Took two 50+ yard FGs to ultimately win that game.


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We had the ****ing win and we blew it! God damn it! We really should have won this ****ing game! I'm so pissed off and sad! :(

And all you let's tank losers, the door is that way, go root for the rats. They LOVE to tank and fail at tanking. Then you'll have something to complain about when they fail to tank. There's your team. Bye!


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Covid has truly f*cked us this season. Oline decimated by injury. WRs aren't getting open, no tes, thin at DT. We had 2 practices in 2 weeks and it showed. If BB is serious about playoffs, he better make some moves bc we aren't making the playoffs with the team that just played today. I got crap in the chat for saying this, but with covid and how things have been, I wouldn't be mad at tanking the season for a higher pick if we aren't making the playoffs. Have one bad season to get a high pick to potentially trade down in BB fashion and get more picks to build this team or use the picks to trade for proven veterans. No matter what happens, I will support this team.

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Blame Cam all you want (and he does deserve some of the blame) but I put a lot more on McDaniels.

The play-calling was absolutely atrocious all game long. Save for the first 2 weeks of the season, McD's play-calling has been terrible for the better part of a year, going back to last season. You have a 6'3", 215lb WR and you can't throw one single, f*cking fade/back-shoulder throw? You know, the ones Cam is good at throwing?

McDaniels gets stuck in a certain type of play-calling and has no nuance/tact in adjusting. Take away what he does well and he has no alternatives. Today they tried to run the read option, once that got shut-down they had no alternative plan for running the ball. They tried quick hitters in the flat, but the DEN DEs were all over batting those down. And after that, he fell into a long-developing, downfield passing attack with an injured o-line.

Infuriating - absolutely should've won that game.

If this was a normal week I would agree. Given that they had only two practices, a QB that was out since the start of the month and are historically a gameplan team I feel like they were stuck with a pretty vanilla set of plays they felt comfortable about.

And it was never more obvious than on the 2pt play that they were just scraping by.
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