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Official Post Game Thread- Broncos beat the Pats

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This team showed heart, but it wasn't enough in the end. Our offense just wasn't very good today....maybe it was a lack of practice injuries to the line or rust, but it wasn't good enough.

Hoping for an improvement next week!!!!

Let's discuss!!!!!


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The O-Line sucked and that should be the takeaway, but I think even the most positive of the Harry fanboys need to reconsider his draft status. He's a bust by most accounts and we're still waiting for that "breakout" game. At the very least, he can't be getting bumped off routes by smaller CBs or being beat out in targets by Byrd or Zubar


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We are going to have a down year and will likely miss the playoffs. This team on offense was absolutely bad.


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Tough one for Cam. He’s going to be questioned a lot. His attitude will tell me a lot about whether I’d like to see him extended.


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I’m done with “showing heart”. No more moral victories. This was a bad team in our house that we couldn’t move the ball against. This is a seriously flawed team that needs to add a playmaker on offense if we’re going to have a chance at the postseason.

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Don't really have much to say except that the League got the game they wanted. A team that practiced for 2 weeks straight against another one that had 2 practices in the same time with a QB that missed even more before.

Add in key COVID inactives 48h before the game and then an additional injury to RT at the start of the game and you had a total garbage game on your hands.

Kudos to the team for making it close and almost pulling it off at the end. Hard to see how this team will miss the playoffs if they are ever allowed to play at full strength.

Two tough sacks by Cam in an otherwise pretty good game by him with an amazing hustle to recover a ball that should shut up anyone questioning his drive. Both INTs really not his fault and Izzo's failure to secure the ball even less so.
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Valiant effort after an otherwise forgettable 3 quarters of football. Defense did everything to keep the team in it. Rough loss, but i guess with injuries and covid it's not entirely unexpected they played poorly. Offensive potential feels really low though.


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It was a valid effort but it took some really awful broncos play calling just for us to even have a chance.
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Blame Cam all you want (and he does deserve some of the blame) but I put a lot more on McDaniels.

The play-calling was absolutely atrocious all game long. Save for the first 2 weeks of the season, McD's play-calling has been terrible for the better part of a year, going back to last season. You have a 6'3", 215lb WR and you can't throw one single, f*cking fade/back-shoulder throw? You know, the ones Cam is good at throwing?

McDaniels gets stuck in a certain type of play-calling and has no nuance/tact in adjusting. Take away what he does well and he has no alternatives. Today they tried to run the read option, once that got shut-down they had no alternative plan for running the ball. They tried quick hitters in the flat, but the DEN DEs were all over batting those down. And after that, he fell into a long-developing, downfield passing attack with an injured o-line.

Infuriating - absolutely should've won that game.


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Terrible loss. This team isn't good enough to lose to teams like the broncos. I can overlook SOMEWHAT how bad they looked all things considered but a loss to a bad team is a loss to a bad team. We are 2-3. Sucks, but I'm not mad. My expectations for this team aren't that high so these losses don't hurt as bad. Hopefully we get the next one.

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As many of us have pointed out for the last few years we have nothing at WR and TE. When we fall behind and are forced to pass we are in huge trouble. The reason Cam took so many sacks is because our guys can’t get open. Same reason why Brady threw so many in the dirt last year instead of taking the sacks.
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