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Sep 13th

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In the Starting Line-Up, from Arizona

Encouraged Sep 30, 2018

Run DMC was last seen:
Jul 29, 2020
    1. Run DMC
      Run DMC
    2. Run DMC
      Run DMC
    3. Run DMC
      Run DMC
      Suckit Goodell!
    4. Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      I have been working out in the fields. Winter time rolls by, and I will be more in doors.
    5. Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Express whatever is left of your freedoms... when the Internet 2 comes on the scene, I'm outta here.
    6. Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      Terry Glenn is a cowgirl
      What is up Beavis????
    7. DarrylS
      Hey Mossed you might want to know this, free ted is at work..

      Dear GJAJ15,

      You have received an infraction at New England Patriots Forums - Fan Messageboard.

      Reason: Insulted Other Member(s)
      You obviously need a time out, and here it is.

      Patters is away, when he egts back I'll let him decide what to do with you

      This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

      Original Post:

      My post from earlier this afternoon, you ask a question and get berated in the process.. and the board gets closed with answer to may question.. what a freaking joke this guy is, too much power and not a whole lot of sensibility.. here comes the lock...

      This morning I posted the below thread/question and now I am home and it is included in the "Obama is an anti-American Racist thread" after I posted a question for the moderator.. the game playing is obvious and someone has too much power, I imagine this will be folded into the same one.. no answer, but we have come to expect this. There are some who are beyond reproach..

      Log on this AM and somehow I am associated with the "Obama's Pastor is an anti american racist", on the Unification Church thread.. geez wonder how that happened.. maybe it was an accident or an on purpose.

      Even though yesterday most of the Obama's Pastors threads were folded into one, except a couple that they happen to have missed,oopsy.. brought it to the Mod's attention and nothing was done... there is the famous What the thread still there which is about the same thing.

      Looks like some serious game playing going on and this board is ready for a double flush.. I would never believe that there is some type of conspiracy amongst a select few who seem to violate every rule without sanction, looks like it smells like it.. the demise of this board is imminent if there is not consistency and adherence to the established rules and decorum..

      I called out FTW in a specific thread and instead of an answer it got folded into another thread.. very bizarre happenings here.. if you can't do what is expected of you move on..

      Wake up whoever is doing this and play by the rules..

      the wonderful response from free ted:

      Cry Much?

      Some of us have actual lives, and do not spend 24/7 roaming message boards.

      You creid and cried about all the Obama threads so I combined them, I merged your Moonie thread in too by mistake, so the lesson here is, if you wish to keep your own attack threads going, don't ***** and moan about other people's threads.
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