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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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The story of Mac's last 1/4 of the season - go down big with 2INT's in the first 3 quarters, then start playing in the 4th with 2 TD's in garbage time.


If Agholor knew how to play WR, one of those INTs would have been a TD.


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Hah I choose to go skiing and have sex with my girl instead of watching this ****. I just checked the score and laughed. Whatevssss
OMG who wanted to play the Bills?!?!
Our D isn't this bad if the offensive Holding is called. It nullifies half the scores that Buffalo has gotten. People like YOU want to ignore the favoritism that was shown by the refs and just blame EVERYTHING on the team. It's one of the most asinine takes out there. It always has been. Try understanding what's ACTUALLY stated instead of putting some ridiculous BS take on it. Because that's exactly what you did.


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The Patriots just got embarrassed by the Bills, they were never in the game.

They need some serious re-tooling this off season, cut all of the old dead weight, cut Harry and Slowjuan.
Remember the Bills played these games without their best CB.
I think this could have easily been a blowout win for the Patriots had the refs called holding.


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Go eat a candy bar to help your low blood sugar and get some sleep. I’d be embarrassed about some of the stuff you’re posting on here if I were you.
I think his account got hacked. I can't believe this is a claim he wants to defend.
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