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JC Jackson signs RFA tender

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Sep 12th

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Always wanted him back instead of a 2nd rounder, we all know how those could go!!!

With JC, Gilmore and J. Jones, we have one of the best corner groups in the league. Would also like to bring back J McCourty for depth, but I like our secondary.
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Is it hiding if you happen to be on the same team as Stephon Gilmore, J.C. Jackson, and Jonathan Jones?

When he did play, he didn't look bad.
You forgot McCourty when he was here. And he should’ve taken playing time from him when Gimore was out.

Which begs the question, why was he even drafted in 2019?

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When he did play, he didn't look bad.

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Crazy nobody wanted him.

This gives me even more confidence a CB will not be taken at #15.

Also, it’s time for Williams to take off his diapers.
Nobody wanted him at the price they’d have to pay (salary plus draft pick) in a year with tight caps.

not crazy, also not indicative of next year. Remember, next year Jackson will be back on the market, as will Gilmore. So picking a CB high in this draft may not be off the table.