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Player Signing David Andrews is back!!

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Sep 12th

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Belichick pays backups more than most. His position is important. He is the Game Day backup at C and G.

We can hope that Herron is a good at backing up the tackles.
A capable reliable 6th OL when the 1st cam mine around making 6 the backup for all 5 is almost worth the cost of a starter.

Hammer of Thor Supporter Supporter
And again - the most important - and very rare - part of this FA - another long term deal for NE on lower market!

We’ll see the details, but i’m skeptical it’s a real 4 year deal for a guy who missed a season due to blood clots in his lungs. I’m guessing the Patriots have an out after 2 with minimal impact. We’ll see.


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Huh? Not sure I believe that.
Indeed. Hope we hear more for further context. Maybe he took less guaranteed money but more years. I’m curious what offers he turned down considering it seemed all but certain he was gone.

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This is great news, Karras is a more than capable back up to all 3 interior line positions. Injuries happen it’s always good to have good back ups.
Plus if a T goes out, Onwenu could go back to T and Karras play G, so 6 linemen together cover an injury at any of the 5 positions! No need to go 7 deep unless 2 go down. Very versatile grouping. Edit...Oops, and Ring 6 pretty much said exactly that...


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Great news! Congrats to David and his wife as they're expecting their first(?) child this summer. I wouldn't have wanted to move either when my wife was 5 months pregnant with our first.


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Wow! It was really weird he didn’t sign but damn sucks to be Karras
Why does it suck to be Karras? He gets to do what he does best, play as a reserve in multiple offensive positions. He'll get into every game for a few snaps. He'll be part of the solution and a pair of fresh legs we can bring in at the end of games to help us finish strong

karras is an average starter or a superior reserve. This year he's got a contract to be a superior reservist. I doubt he objects very much.


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I'm really warming to Zach Wilson - think he's the best QB in the draft (right next to Lawrence), and could be exceptionally good in short time. If there's a way to get him without completely mortgaging the future, I'm all for it. A couple future 1sts/2nds I wouldn't mind parting with.

This team is so balanced and well-rounded right now. They need a QB, another offensive playmaker with the ball in their hands (WR or RB is fine), and perhaps another solid player at ILB and/or DL (and perhaps a CB, pending the J.C. Jackson situation). But those are luxuries, not massive needs at this point.

With Andrews returning and how set the OL is, if they can secure a competent QB ... my lord.

Captain Cliche

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Dear Ian,

Please don't erase this gem:

I plan on referencing it early and often.


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That's at least the second guy that signs thinking he'll be numero uno only to have another guy sign the next day projected to play over him (first was Jonnu). I wonder how they feel about it.

That being said, I'm sure they'll get Jonnu on the field aplenty and Karras will find himself starting 8 games filling in for injuries.


"You're gonna have to serve somebody..."
Dear Ian,

Please don't erase this gem:

I plan on referencing it early and often.
I love BB... but it's March... no games have been played... and QB is still a ?.



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they seriously have the makings of a super bowl
Call me a homer but with New England's superior coaching, I firmly believe BB is a QB away from putting a Super Bowl-caliber roster together. Retaining Andrews is mammoth if only for solidifying the starters and improving depth.
Yes definitely need a good QB....not Newton. We could work with a 2001-2004 Charlie Weis short passing, heavy run offense with a QB that can make Quick decisions and can make all the throws....sometimes on the run. Doesn’t have to be superstar but efficient and not turning it over....

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