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Player Signing David Andrews is back!!

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Pro Bowl Player
Great news ! Andrew is the anchor of that line, so glad he is back ! Now time for Scar to un retire for the second time !!

Ring 6 Supporter Supporter
Assuming Andrews found out the real market and the price is in line with ability and risk, this went perfectly.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
He’s a really good back up and a serviceable starter for center and guard. Glad to have them both back.
Belichick pays backups more than most. His position is important. He is the Game Day backup at C and G.

We can hope that Herron is a good at backing up the tackles.


In the Starting Line-Up
**** YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a cherry on top of the numerous signings.


Staff member Supporter
Best news all day... totally unexpected. Love it. Best OL in the league. Somehow Belichick has filled almost every hole on the roster. All they need to do now is extend Gilmore a few years... then trade up for a top shelf QB. Red shirt year behind Cam next year, then the future is golden.

Considering how much the cap will probably jump in a couple years with these new TV deals, being able to contend with a rookie QB contract will be amazing.


Pro Bowl Player
Our team is looking pretty good across the board. I see one weakness: QB. We should package some picks and move up to get one of the top guys. Let him work behind Cam or take over if said QB is good enough.