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Updated SoS for each AFC team

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Sep 12th

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Only 3 teams in the AFC have a winning record playing against a SoS above 50%. Chiefs, Ravens and Patriots. Now lets dig a bit deeper:

Wins against teams with a winning record (currently)

NE: 4-0 (will be 4-1 if the Titans win tonight)
KC: 3-2 No bad losses thus far.
Bal: 1-3 Not good against good teams.

Now for the other playoffs contenders

Pit: 2-2
Hou: 3-1 (2 wins vs Was & Dal) (will be 3-2 if Titans win)
LAC: 1-2 (will be 2-2 if Titans win)

For all the concerns, the Pats have played their best against the best competition. And obviously had two bad losses against the Lions and Titans. We can make excuses about former coaches/players, injuries etc...they simply didn't play well. Jax, well, we were their SB and the wheels fell off the bus, not to mention the additions to the team after that game (Edelman, Gordon).

Pittsburgh is average against good teams and well, they are still coached by Tomlin. Baltimore is a paper tiger, as is the LAC, especially without Gordon. Houston, they still trying to earn their Varsity letter...KC is obviously the Gorilla in the room, but I think the Gorilla's name is Koko. I am just not a believer. Maybe its their history as a franchise, a first year starter at QB or Andy Reid...ok its all of the above.

The one team to keep an eye on is the Broncos! Which pains me to say. They have played a tough schedule, 8 games against teams with a winning record - admittedly they are 3-5 in those games. The loss to the Jets may come back to haunt them as they would lose the tiebreaker with the Ravens due to the head to head. They finish up against Cin, SF, Cle, Oak & LAC. Could very well go 4-1 or possibly 5-0. Sliding into a WC spot.

Yes I am writing off Indy, sorry a winning streak against teams who are a combined 19-35 on the season is not impressive. The good news is they may keep the Donkeys out of the playoffs.

I still think it will be NE and Pit in the AFCCG unless of course they finish 2 and 3 in the seedings.
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Nice job Mg. Thanks.

The Pats have a decent shot at getting to the Super Bowl. Interesting year though. I haven't seen a complete game from all three phases yet. But I have seen flashes of dominance from each during the season. Hopefully they can put it all together by the end of the season.

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In the Starting Line-Up
Strength of Victory by current playoff teams

1) .540 Patriots
2) .504 Rams
3) .492 Redskins
4) .491 Saints
5) .471 Vikings
6) .455 Texans
7) .432 Ravens
8) .424 Chiefs
9) .422 Steelers
10) .381 Bears
11) .379 Cowboys
12) .313 Steelers