The official Patriots vs Ravens AFCCG thread

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Pick Results: LAS: 3.4% at NE: 96.6%
Sep 27th

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I have a boner that might last 4 hours........... Do I really have to call the doctor in 4 hours? I really do not fell like I should.

There you go Myra......... so far, so good.......... We are so close.
thats for your wife girlfriend or boyfriend to deal with or first cousin if you live in Arkansas
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Fact: The Patriots caught a break with the missed field goal. Fact: They played well enough to be in a position to win. Fact: The patriots are a flawed team and some of those flaws showed today. Fact: With that no name defense, to be going to the SB is amazing. Fact: Whether divine gusts of wind, 10 stupid unforced turnovers by the Ravens, etc etc etc, the Patriots are 1 single game from being SB champions.
NOTHING means anything other than the Patriots are in the SB, NOTHING! Nothing the pundits say, nothing the fans say, nothing changes the fact we are going to the SB.


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congrats patriots fans

I just hope Flacco earned respect tonight.

I can't even describe what its like in Baltimore right now. This hurts. badly
That he did, he definitely outplayed Brady. It was a great and tight game, the way playoff football was meant to be. The Pats made mistakes and were there for the taking, but were able to just make enough plays to win it. I remember 2009 and how that felt, so condolences.


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this team just won a tough game against a playoff opponent with tom brady having one of the worst games of the season..... Lets get going for number 4 boys

Stoke city patriots

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Need a much better performance in 2 weeks, if we play like that and the giants get there they will destroy us :(

2 weeks for GRONK to rest, 2 weeks for Brady to sort it out, 2 weeks for wilfork to eat some cake...I'm sure that trophy is ours :singing:


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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Moore is my hero !!!!!

Go patriots from Spain ! it's so late here. I go to sleep my friends !
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