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Oct 25th

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I want the giants, i don't really want any part of two harbaugh's conspriing against us, you better believe he's gonna get access to all things ravens

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Brady "well I sucked pretty bad today" poor guy

F that he got us here, big thanks to TFB
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congrats patriots fans

I just hope Flacco earned respect tonight.

I can't even describe what its like in Baltimore right now. This hurts. badly

The Ravens really did everything they had to do to get the win; offense did just enough and defense put Brady into a funk. Patriots D was just able to make enough plays. I wouldn't have felt confident going into OT. Good game.


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Yep, yep, yep. Getting the 1st down would have been ideal, but you want those timeouts or seconds gone.

and you run some maybe a short pass- get a couple first downs- maybe a feildGoal maybe more- but you dont throw a long one to slater? what was the purpose?
Cripes Brady looked like Yates there- i couldnt beleive it!!
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The haters will say they got lucky on the missed kick. And yeah, they did, but I think a lot more "what ifs" went against the Pats today.


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I had a feeling it was going to be a funky type of game with these guys, its usually is, thank god we almost always end up on the winning side.


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I don't like those words by a player i think he should just move the **** on.

What! The game was like five minutes ago.

He's awesome, no way was he gonna take the credit when he didn't feel he deserved it.

Hey, we beat a winning team!


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Hey, we understand what that hurt feels like, believe me. Damn you guys are good.

We didn't play that great at all. I'm still ticked about that long bomb INT.
lol at Tommy, " I sucked real bad"

Bledsoe was laughing his @ss off on that one ... :D

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Flacco played great. Lee should have caught that game winner.

But, it will go down as "Brady the clutch," yet again.

Sometimes it takes a bit of luck. Brady was bad but the D was good at the right time and lucky!!!


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Players of the game.

Sterling Moore.

Nate Solder.

Vince Wilfork.

Honorable mention, Matt Light,.

Moore let Torrey Smith beat him on that 3rd down for a 32 yard TD.

Solder allowed 2 sacks on Brady in the redzone...a big reason why we sucked there today.

Vince Wilfork was the MVP.


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congrats patriots fans

I just hope Flacco earned respect tonight.

I can't even describe what its like in Baltimore right now. This hurts. badly

Brutal way to lose. You take it easy.
I know that is not possible, but....
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