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Oct 25th

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OK. there are several people on here who call me a "homer." Reality is that I'm not. Pats did not deserve to win the game. WTH were they thinking going for that deep pass with 7 min left. You get the ball there, you RUN it. And you run it some more. Milking the clock as much as possible. Instead, you turned it over immediately and it damn near cost you the game.

MVP of the game is STERLING MOORE.. If not fore his 2 great plays at the end, Pats lose this one badly.

The Patriots played well enough that the Ravens HAD to have a FG, they HAD to have Evans hold on to that catch. There is plenty of time for critique tonight and tomorrow. But fact! The Patriots played well enough to win because they did win.
Now we are obviously outmatched and should be underdogs for the SB. No way we can win it! The other team is a shoe in :D


congrats patriots fans

I just hope Flacco earned respect tonight.

I can't even describe what its like in Baltimore right now. This hurts. badly


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yyeyeeeesssssssss yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss

brandon spikes sterling moore vince wilfork benny you little beauty ......



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Hey, we understand what that hurt feels like, believe me. Damn you guys are good.

We didn't play that great at all. I'm still ticked about that long bomb INT.
lol at Tommy, " I sucked real bad"


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Flacco played great. Lee should have caught that game winner.

But, it will go down as "Brady the clutch," yet again.

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LOL @ Brady - "I sucked pretty bad tonight but the defense saved us"

At least he has the stones to say it
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