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Oct 25th

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I have a feeling that the Pats D is going to show up big time today. They have been MIA all year, but last week they finally had most of their moving parts and Moore seems to be the player that the secondary needed. I love Spikes especially against a running team. Remember most of the Pats defense was playing high school football the last time the Ravens played in the Superbowl.

There is only one week of film on this defense and that was against Denver so that really doesn't help the Ravens. Flacco was under seige last week by the Texans, and only the only reason the Texans lost that game was a couple of dumb throws (by a third string rookie QB) and one horrendoues decision by a punt returner.

Also look for Ridley to have a big game.

Signing off now, hopefully I be back after the game to say I say right (or to edit this post)

Well I was right about SPikes and Moore, (insert: well we did do the hat, and the nose quote here), I was waay off on Ridley was inactive.

WOW, the Pats just won a big game, with their QB not having a even "good" Brady day. I'm guessing that he won't have two bad games in a row...
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