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The 2012 season: the Jets [Mod Edit: STILL] suck

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Adam Schefter â€@AdamSchefter
As @Edwerderespn reports, Rex Ryan has made plans to designate QB Tim Tebow as inactive for Sunday"s game to let two fractured ribs heal.

... So ... does that make McElroy the personal protector on the punt team?

I never wish injury upon players. Having said that, imagine the turmoil in Jets land if Sanchez does something like tweak an ankle, and McElroy comes in and plays well in relief.


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The Gr8est

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First a shout out to KontradictioN for coming up with the name 'Tannenbomb'. It inspired me to take it just a step further and compose a tribute to the Rats gr8 talent collector, Mike Tannenbaum.

It is sung to the tune of "Cherrybomb" by Joan Jett.

Anyway here is my tribute:

“Woody says “We suck!†now let’s retool
We need to scout at all the top football schools
There’s a gr8 DE from Ohio State
I really want to draft him I just can’t waitâ€

â€Hello Vernon, come on downâ€
My next T-t-t-t-t-t- TannenBOMB
Sucks that you won’t cause the Pats any harm
Your my T-t-t-t-t-t- TannenBOMB

Pats have Tom Brady well we need one too
USC has someone who looks like he’ll do
I’ll give up what I have to to trade up that high
Rex the Pats are finished I just got our guy!â€

C’mon Sanchize you made the cut
Your my T-t-t-t-t-t- TannenBOMB
Please say you didn’t just run into Brandon’s butt!!
Another T-t-t-t-t-t- TannenBOMB

Time to pick it up and kick the Patsies @ss
I’m gonna pick Kyle Wilson and that guy Ducasse
With just a bit moar time they’ll make it on that field
Oh yeah we’re gonna make those Patsies yield

Welcome Vlady, welcome Kyle
The next T-t-t-t-t-t- TannenBOMBs
I guess we’re not competing for quite a while
With my T-t-t-t-t-t- TannenBOMBs





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jets ******* blow so much d*ck

wow..sorry i am angry tonight

just imagine how angry I've been the past four years...I have been THE number one hater of this fat slob degenerate deviant bigmouth sub mongoloid turd eater since the first big mouthed boast came out of his spoiled little fat entitled brat mouth....all of a sudden, EVERYONE is realizing at once what a complete phony, what a disgraceful sham, what a bloviated barfing bilgebag of bile this horrible example of humanity really is....

They will be calling Rex Ryan's Reign Of Error the worst period of NFL coaching in the history of the game, when chroniclers of the game write about it decades from now.

"why don't teams sub offensive lineman like we do wide receivers and running backs???"

It was once thought that outdoing Kotite was an impossibility... Rex Ryan has proven that to be a fallacy.


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You know, it sort of lends credence to Mangini's picks when Rex drives his team into the dirt.

I still respect his DC abilities. Outside of those insane turnovers Rex was stopping the pass scheme wise.
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You haven't lived if you haven't laughed at the J-E-S-T :)

The NJ Green Beans, the NFL gift that keeps on giving. Will the S-U-C-K ever end?

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I hated them in 1979

I STILL hate them 3 years past 2009

I will always hate them if I live to be 99

The current year is Patriot Year AB13. It wasn't until about Patriot Year BB5 that they started to bother me, back when they were tampering with Tuna Crap during our SB season.

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Thanks for making me blow my cheerios all over the keyboard!!! :D

I was very tempted to make a User named me cheerios and respond with a "Yes, thank you too!".. but in the end decided it was too much work for a joke.. ;)
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